Friday, December 3, 2021

Weekend Roundup

 Welcome to The Weekend Roundup...hosted by Tom The Back Roads Traveler

1. Starts with "W"
2. A Favorite
3. WEATHER chosen by Tom

Starts with "W"

High-end clothing boutique selling new, gently used & vintage women's apparel, shoes & accessories.
Melrose Ave. Los Angeles CA

TV forecast Moscow Russia

Déjà Brew
A catchall for leftover beer, coffee, food, motels and whatever catches my fancy!

WIZARDING WORLD Harry Potter Universal Studios Florida


  1. Liking your Wizzarding World brew cups. Seems Russia is warmer than Toronto, we had some snow in October while we were at Moscow. Wasteland for the Waistlines? :)

    1. Photo was taken in May 2011 when we were there. Gorgeous weather.

  2. could be WASTELAND or WAISTLAND!
    ...I remember WHISKY a Go Go.
    ...not WINTER WEATHER I see.
    ...a WIZARDING WORLD brew?
    Thanks Jackie for stopping by, enjoy your WEEKEND!


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