Thursday, February 26, 2015

Weekend Cooking - Saigon

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February 2015 - Saigon Vietnam

I mentioned taking a cooking class in Saigon in this post.

Here are more photos.

The chef chopping blindfolded!

One of the group doing a bad job of slicing ginger!

First Andre smashed the garlic cloves, then they were put into a stainless steel bowl with a lid. John then shook them around until they were peeled.

We mixed our marinade for our chicken - fresh ginger, caramel syrup, chicken bouillon, pepper, fish sauce, sugar, spring onion, cooking oil.

Pour marinade over the chicken, remember your bowl number and return to kitchen for cooking.

Chef is grilling an onion shallot and ginger.

Basil leaves, chili peppers, lime and coriander to add to our beef soup.

We each had to make our salad rolls - the rice paper was a challenge for some of us!

Our works of art.

Thankfully, the restaurant made these delicious spring rolls.

Incredible rice presentation.

Our chicken dish after cooking.

After answering the chef's questions correctly we each received a certificate, a cook book and souvenir chopsticks.

This was the best meal during the Avalon cruise and it wasn't on the boat or prepared by their chef.


  1. Using knives blindfolded? That takes skill!

  2. Yay on the restaurant for making spring rolls. And wow on the rice presentation. But the think I can't get over is the using the knife blindfolded. Ummmm, yikes!!


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