Friday, February 13, 2015

Boulder City

January 2015 - Boulder City NV

We often go to Boulder City NV when we are in the Las Vegas area. It is a fun place to take visitors for lunch after a trip to the Hoover Dam.

I posted some other photos from the town, click on the links below.
2013 Boulder City Brewery

This was the first time we actually went into the hotel and explored the museum.

Click here for a great article about the people behind the dam.

The most common cause of death during the building of the dam was being hit by falling objects. The men began making improvised hard hats for themselves by coating cloth hats with coal tar. These "hard-boiled hats" were extremely effective. Several men were hit by falling rocks so hard that their jaws were broken by the impact, yet they did not receive skull fractures. Because of these "hard-boiled hats," men survived accidents which would otherwise have killed them. The Six Companies contracted for commercially made hard hats and issued them to every man on the project. The use of hard hats was encouraged, and deaths from falling objects were reduced.

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  1. The museum would fascinate me! So that's where hardhats got started!


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