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Singapore Food

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February 2015 - Singapore

A sampling of what we ate during our five days.

Day 1 -  we were a little jet lagged after over 20 hours of flying, not counting time spent waiting at the airport in LA and then waiting for our luggage that didn't arrive with us. After a nap, we were meeting a friend at 10 PM for a drink. We decided to have an appetizer of satay before.

Day 2 - Breakfast was included with our hotel room, a good thing, as Singapore is really expensive!!

The breakfast buffet is $48 a person, yes, those are US dollars as the Singapore dollar is equal.

We made this last until dinner at the Gardens by the Bay. 
Peking duck, pork, bok choy and rice (not shown).

A first for us - crispy fish skin! Yum!

Day 3 - breakfast was supposed to be lunch too, but we stopped for a beer (it is so humid here and it had rained in the morning) so we went into the Stuttgart because they mentioned their wall of Black Forest cuckoo clocks! But we looked at the menu, bad idea and ordered a sampler plate of meatballs, pork belly and schnitzel fries.

Our friend had made a reservation at Clark Quay for dinner. What a feast! Cereal prawns, and the start of the show chili crab.

Day 4 - we took a city sightseeing tour in the morning which ended with a stop in Little India.

Dinner that night was part of our tour and we didn't take any photos but did snap these guys.

Day 5 - we met up with Suzanne and Sheryl for satay.on the street near their office.

Originally built as a wet market in the 19th century, Lau Pa Sat has been converted into a hawker centre where local as well as Asian foods are sold. Located at Singapore’s Central Business District, Lau Pa Sat is busy with the crowds of office workers at lunchtime. At night, a satay street is rapidly set up at the outdoor area of the food market, adding more bustle to the place.

The street only wakes up after dark, from 19:00 onwards, and live energetically until the leave of the last diners.

The tables are set up in the street and every vendor vies for your custom. Once seated they are quick to take your food and beer orders.

Chicken, beef and lamb.

Prawns - with their heads on but John got over that.


  1. Oh wow!!! The food looks absolutely amazing. But the prices do sound crazy.

  2. Wow, this looks like a fantastic trip; thanks for taking us along.

  3. I've heard Singapore was expensive but wow! The food looks amazing especially the skewers with the sauces.

  4. I'm really surprised at the prices as well! Though that Peking duck looks amazing--as does the satay. What a fun experience--one day I certainly hope to visit Asia (anywhere!) and experience all of the new tastes and sights.

  5. Adventurous eating! I love your photos of your travels and the food!

  6. Wow! That's really expensive! Crispy fish skin looks delicious!

  7. Hi Jackie, I followed a link to your blog from a comment you made on my good friend Anne Arnott's page :)

    As I review my own blog posts, I also noticed that you've left some comments for me in the past.

    It's a relaxing weekend for me and I am enjoying reading your blog posts about Singapore and other places here in Asia. I am Filipino and based here in Singapore. I love this specific post because you make me crave for most of my favorite local foods right now! :D :D :D

    I missed blogging and will be back into posting new entries on April 1.


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