Sunday, February 1, 2015

Singapore Day 2

Singapore - February 1 2015

Some common Singlish phrases:
Cheem: Difficult to understand.
Huh: I beg your pardon
Lah, lor, meh: For punctuating sentences. (Don't be like that lah. I am like that lor. Cannot meh)
Tumpang: ask for a favor
Oso: I oso like dis one (I also like this one)

Breakfast is included and a good thing as it is $46 per person for buffet. That is the correct price in US dollars. Everything is SO expensive here.
It was a really good buffet appealing to North Americans (hot eggs, omelets etc), Europeans (cold cuts, cheeses) and Asians (fish, curry, salad).

After breakfast we relaxed and then headed out at 10 AM with no particular plan in mind.

First we found some pedestrian malls with several temples, one Indian, one Asian.

Blessing with incense before entering.

Flowers for sale to take to the temple.

Everyone is gearing up for New year. You buy a wishing ribbon and then tie it onto an idol.

Checking out our fortunes for 2015 - I liked this one better than another I read!

Just a riot of red!!!

When visiting a Chinese home during the New Year period, it is customary to arrive with two mandarin oranges (a symbol of wealth) and wish them a happy and prosperous new year. In Singapore, the most common New Year’s greeting is “Gong xi fa chai”.

A stop outside the famous Raffles Hotel - we will be going there for a Singapore Sling on Tuesday.

By now it is beer time so we head towards the Marina, but made several stops along the way!

Getting closer to that beer! The shopping malls are stunning!

Finally beer at $16 a pint - yes $16 US.

 We decide to see if we can up the top of the Marina Bays Sands to have a drink. The bar is on the 57th floor. You can pay $22 to go to the observation deck on the 56th. Better deal to say you are going to the bar and wander around and get your photos. Or do what we did and order a beer ($20 each) and enjoy the view with the warm breeze.

View of the Gardens by the Bay.

Singapore Flyer

We took a cab back to the hotel, one of the few cheap things!! Then for a swim/hot tub and then changed for dinner and met Suzanne at 5:30.

She had subway cards and we had our first subway ride. The escalators are really fast!

Suzanne was unable to get a reservation for the restaurant she had selected so we decided to play it by ear.
We exited the subway at the Marina Bay Sands hotel, where we had been earlier and walked to the Garden by the Bay. I will post lots more photos later.
This is just a sample.

Walking across the walkways in the Super trees!

We had dinner at the Peach Garden and then went to the bar to see the light shows. It is $18 a person but that includes a drink.
Dinner photos to come.

Suzanne has to work in the morning and it had been a long day so we taxied back to the hotel and were in bed by 11 PM.

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