Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bangkok Day 2

February 2015

We are on our own today.  We booked a private tour to the River Kwai, elephants and tigers.

Tom is our guide and comes with a driver. This is great because he says it's our time and we can move at our own pace.

We opted to start at 8 AM after an amazing buffet breakfast included with our room.

I've used the itinerary as an outline.

Kanchanaburi Bridge Over River Kwai Tiger Temple

Depart for Kanchanaburi, located 128 kilometers (80 miles) west of Bangkok. It is Thailand's third largest province with an area of 19,486 square kilometers. The provincial area is mountainous and has the west border next to Myanmar.
Some photos taken from car.

Death Railway Museum, a realistic depiction of prisoner of war living quarters, with photographic, pictorial and physical memorabilia dating from World War II. 

No photos allowed inside which was a shame. Not sure what their logic is. Very moving and an eye opener on World War  II history that we need to do some more research on. I had seen the movie Bridge on the River Kwai so many years ago but before I was interested in the history.

Visit Kanchanaburi War Cemetery It contains the remains of 6,982 war prisoners (mostly the British, Dutch, Australian and American) who lost their lives during the construction of the Bridge over the River Kwai and the railway to Burma (the Death Railway). 

This graveyard was very touching but it was also very vibrant. Each tombstone was decorated with various flowering bushes. 

Visit world-famous Bridge over the River Kwai, a part of the Death Railway constructed by Allied prisoners of war. Take leisurely walks around town and pictures on the world-renowned Death Railway. 

Our guide Tom.

Some shopping a t-shirt for John and a skirt for me.

Saiyok Elephant Camp (near Wang Po) for a 30 minutes of elephant riding. John rode and Tom and I waited. The elephant rider was really good and took lots of photos of John. You start out in a chair but then you get an opportunity to ride yourself.

Enjoy Thai spicy food and great view of the bridge on floating restaurant. 

 Delicious and lots of vegetables!

On the way to the tigers we see a sign, I'm not sure, but I think it says something about monkeys. Suddenly there are monkeys around us!

Visit Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua - well known as Tiger Temple. The Tiger Temple is a rescue centre for wild animals and the home of wild tigers, wild pigs, deer, antelopes, water buffalos, apes and some other animals. The tigers are taken out from their cage in the afternoon and visitors can even touch them. 

You pay 1.000 Bahts for the package that allows both of you to touch the tigers and get photos. By far a good deal as I overheard someone say it would cost $500 in Australia.

Time to head back, it is Friday and Bangkok traffic is just crazy. for dinner we go over to the mall to China White and I have brussels sprouts sauteed with crispy pork and John has rce noodles with port.


  1. The tigers and elephants would be amazing!

    The cemetery is tremendously poignant.

  2. An amazing series of photos! But the tigers ... so great!


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