Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day 3 - Siem Reap

February 2015 - Siem Reap Cambodia

Day 6 February 11 Siem Reap

Today, continue your sightseeing of the Angkor temples. Unlike the other temples, TA PROHM has been left relatively untouched. Tree roots grow over and through the ruin walls, allowing you to experience the temple with the same wonder as the early explorers who discovered it.

Then, visit BANTEAY SREI, a unique temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. Unlike other temples, it is built on a small scale from red sandstone, which can be carved like wood.

This little guy was having his lunch of clams.

Next, stop at LES ARTISANS D’ANGKOR, a development project teaching young adults traditional handicraft techniques.
Of course, the shopping excursion. Nothing was purchased, but the box I bought at the market was cheaper here!

She's on her cell phone as she works.

 The rest of the afternoon is at your leisure to explore this charming town. (Breakfast)

The bus dropped us at the market and we had a quick lunch at the Red Piano.
A stroll through the market first.

Some shoes...

A foot massage (again) for John and I had my hair coloured along with a massage.

Back to the hotel by tuk tuk and we decide to have a drink in the bar before heading out to dinner. it turns out that the dancers were putting on a show at the hotel so we ended up staying in for the show and dinner.

Egg rolls and satay, very good!


  1. Hi Jackie ..what can I say? This is an amazing trip . you and John are seeing such an amazing sights . All fabulous , with the temples , the food , the culture too. The carvings and carvers are amazing , what a great talent. Thanks for sharing .


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