Monday, February 16, 2015

Day 8 - Fascinating Vietnam, Cambodia & the Mekong River with Bangkok – Southbound

February 2015 - Cruising the Mekong

Day 8 February 13 Cruising: Kampong Tralach–Konpong Louang–Prek Bang Kong

Today, visit Kampong Tralach for an OX CART RIDE past rice paddy fields and the beautiful Cambodian countryside. 

Out our window this morning we can see the ox carts lining up. After our buffet breakfast we head out.

As you disembark you take the cards containing your room number so they can track that everyone returns. Then you are given a bottle of water in a carrier.
The steps from the boat are very primitive, however, boat staff are there to help everyone.

We are given instructions on how to board our ox carts.

As usual, a woman's work is never done!


The guides are amazing taking photos of everyone with your camera.

We stroll through the local market where the fish are still alive. Most women shop twice a day and if the fish isn't sold it is then dried.

We go to a stationery store and buy some supplies for the local school we will visit tomorrow.
We picked up some workbooks, pens and three English dictionaries.

Local transportation.

Local people.

Along the way, stop to MEET WITH A LOCAL FARMER and learn more about his daily life. 

HER daily life. The pigs are under the house.

Lastly, visit the SILVERMITH VILLAGE of Konpong Louang. Here you will see talented craftsmen use age-old techniques to turn pure silver into works of art. 
This wasn't a very big shop and I had hoped to buy something but there wasn't anything that appealed to me.

When we return from the boat, you return your cards, bottle carriers and remove your shoes so they can clean the soles. The floors are all wooden on the boat. Then you are greeted with hand sanitizer, cold towels, juice and fresh fruite.

After lunch, visit the village of PREK BANG KONG, where silk weaving is a well-preserved tradition. 
Another interesting climb.

The girls start following you, asking questions and pleading that you buy scarves from them.

At the end they leave you at the local artisan commune to shop to your heart's content. I think each of us ended up buying at least three scarves.


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