Sunday, February 15, 2015

Siem Reap to Phnom Penh Cambodia

We should have boarded our river boat but the water level is too low at this time of the season so we fly to Phnom Penh (30 minute flight) and board there.
River cruise company is taking care of everything, luggage to airport, passports checked for Cambodia and Vietnam visas, airport check-in, we simply show up.

The other cruise companies are busing their passengers, six hours of bumpy road.

Waiting for our luggage.

It is hot as we wait to board our bus.

It is only 15 km to the boat but traffic is heavy and it takes 50 minutes.

Once aboard we have a safety demonstration and then are given our cabin keys.
There are only 18 cabins with a crew of 27. Rather intimate.

A wander around before lunch.

We start sailing almost immediately and spend the afternoon enjoying our cabin and the passing scenery.

Cocktail hour is 6 PM and features the drink of the day. Tour briefing at 6:30 and then dinner.

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