Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day 3 - Ho Chi Minh to Sydney

February 2015 - Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Day 16 February 21 Ho Chi Minh City

We are on our own after breakfast until we leave for the airport. We met up with some of the people leaving at breakfast and said good bye again.

We took a cab to the Tet Flower street. On our way our driver knocks a young girl off her motorbike to our horror. He gets out and helps her back on and everyone goes on their way, go figure!

Looking back away from the flower show.

It isn't 10AM and it is already so hot due to the humidity of 52%. AND it is SO crowded with so many cameras it is funny!!

The Tet Flower Street stretches 580 meters from the area next to Quach Thi Trang Roundabout in front of the landmark Ben Thanh Market to Ho Tung Mau Street near the Saigon River.
I'm going to focus on the children and the wonderful costumes as I have a separate post coming up on the incredible flower displays.

The people are so incredibly friendly and the children love to practice their English.
This little one was high fiving some Americans.

In the Year of the Goat, visitors can see statues of a goat family on the street. Each exhibit  is carefully crafted to demonstrate specific features of the mountain goat from the northern province of Ninh Binh.

So hot, took a cab back and walked over to the post office to get postcards and stamps and check out the t-shirts.

Our tour director, Phiem, arranged a 3PM late check out which we took advantage of. Imagine, we were too hot to go to the pool and instead enjoyed the air conditioning.
We then went to the Hard Rock, I know, we never go to places like that, for a bite before we are picked up at 6PM for the airport.

We fly to Sydney Australia at 9 PM.

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  1. The traditional, formal clothing being worn for the occasion by so many of these women and girls, they're quite pretty!


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