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Travel Photo Thursday - Grove City PA

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April 2014 - Grove City PA

I mentioned yesterday that I would do a detailed post on the charming town of Grove City.

One of the murals on display downtown.

Some of Grove City churches.

Grove City is a borough in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, approximately 60 miles (97 km) north of Pittsburgh, and 75 miles (121 km) south of Erie.

We had never gone to the factory outlets in Grove City although everyone else we know has been. other states and Canada like shopping here because there is no sales tax on clothing. A huge attraction for anyone from Ontario where we pay 13% sales tax!
The outlets are huge but it was cold and rainy and to be honest we had shopped at other factory outlets as we traveled across the States this winter.

We had dinner the previous night in Grove City and were smitten with what we saw, murals, churches what more could one ask for?
The murals and churches will be featured in upcoming inSPIREs Sunday and Monday Mural posts.

Driving into town.

We had said we would come back in the morning to get photos but it was damp and cold and we almost didn't but John said let's go we can just drive through. Instead we parked and walked around.

Where we had our delicious dinner last night, too bad we were too early for lunch!

The Grove City Historical Society has an extensive account of the town's background.

 The main thoroughfare  is South Broad St.The town has a thriving arts centre. There is a Autumn Art Walk held in September.

A mural directly across from Nonni's. As part of a $3 million dollar revitalization of the downtown area two large community-based murals were installed.

As we were looking at the window display in this shop B'Gifted, the husband of the owner arrived and asked if we'd like to go in. His wife was inside and we had a charming visit with both of them. They provided all the history about the town that I have recounted here. They sell some really unusual and interesting items!!

The Tower Presbyterian Church across from Nonni's.

Built in 1927 it is the Queen of Broad St.

Sculptures that point out parking areas are scattered around town. The one below is outside the Guthrie Movie Theater.
Grove City is the home of George Junior Republic, an all-boys institution. GJR serves to house, school, and treat 400 high school-aged boys from troubled backgrounds. It is one of the nation's largest private non-profit residential treatment facilities.
The sculptures are designed and made by students at the George Junior Republic through partnerships with Olde Town Grove City and PA Partners in the Arts. Funding comes from a grant from Arts in Education Partnership and donations from private individuals, Olde Town Grove City merchants and businesses, and other groups.

Comedy and Tragedy Theatre Masks

Joseph D. Monteleone Youth Festival Park hosts the Downtown Summer Sounds and the Farmers Market. It also has the other mural.

I found some information about the sculptures on the Olde Town Grove City page.
“Do You Have Time to Shop and Dine?” is the name of one of the 2013 sculptures. It sits on a 4’x6’ base and stands roughly 12’ high. The watch on this piece actually works! The silverware is between 8’ and 9’ tall. The coffee cup and saucer represent both dining and antiques shopping, and the parking sign is designed to be a bird house that can actually occupy two birds.

The second sculpture “Industrial Sunset” refers to the industry that use to be a part of this city and how the city as transformed itself, changing with the times-thus the circles forming a cube; remembering our past but embracing our future. This sculpture stands about 14’ high and is 61/2’ wide cube. It sits on a small 3’ base in diameter, and was designed so that when the grass grows tall enough, the sculpture will look like it is hovering above the ground.

Tools in a Cart

Blue Heron




  1. We so enjoyed your visit! Make sure that you come back and see us again...and we'll be checking out your adventures through your blog!
    Bill and Lisa Pritchard, b'gifted, Grove CIty PA

  2. Oh, I really do like the look of this town! Nice architecture and an artistic streak!

  3. Beautiful. I love that you have the map in the side bar, because I do not have much idea about the geography of the USA and when I read posts I sometimes wonder where exactly they are. Thanks you :)

  4. Love these small towns, so charming and quirky too. Thanks for the tour.
    Wonder if any Ketler descendants still live in Grove City.

  5. What a fun looking town. And so charming the homes and the store fronts. . .and that restaurant got my taste buds twittering!

  6. Thank you for the beautiful tribute to our town. Please came back.

  7. I really like those sculptures at the end. They're so whimsical.


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