Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Bells

I'm posting over here this week.
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I've posted Toronto's Old City Hall before. I had intended to go out looking for bells to photograph this week but we know how stuff can get in the way.
I love being downtown when the bells chime.

Installed in 1900 this Gillett and Johnston clock has run nearly continuously since then - keeping time on the clock tower of the Toronto Old City Hall.
Be amazed - Toronto relies on this ancient clock to keep time for the downtown core.
The bells are legendary and are an aural symbol of Toronto. The chiming of the bells punctuate the city, marking each 15 minutes of the day - seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

The clock room houses three bells. The largest bell, all 11,000 pounds of it, is known as Big Ben. There is one small and unofficial inscription just below the coat of arms on the bell and reads "J.K.Oct.18, 1900". Four garnished stone gargoyles grace the upper corners of the clock tower.


  1. Wow with a Canadian accent. Loved your videos.

  2. It's a magnificent building, such a contrast with the replacement City Hall.

  3. I agree with William, magnificent is a good word to describe that building and its bells. Love the last shot of the close up of the bricks and a glimpse of a bell inside its tower. It looks like you are up there, nearly level with the tower!

  4. What a great tradition and symbol to have in a city. I would love to hear the bell ring in real life. And that building, it's very impressive!

  5. Wow that was a magnificent post. You were brave to climb those stairs but well worth it. Very well done.

  6. the bell story is wonderful. I could barely breath when we got to the top of all those steps/


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