Tuesday, April 8, 2014

On the Road Again - Charlotte NC - Charleston WV

April 2014 - Charlotte NC

Had breakfast (bagels and cream cheese) at the Hilton for breakfast. Then we drove back to The Green to get some photos we missed (includes links to part 1-4). Also got a photo of the NASCAR Museum (for a couple of friends, you know who you are).
This is a great city I would come back to visit. I will post some separate posts about the city.

Time to head out to Statesville whose only purpose (to me) is for John to buy cigars at Jr's known as the world's largest cigar store.

I did buy a couple of yellow bath sheets and scarves.

Four Seasons by Sheraton

We checked in and John got comfortable watching golf and I went for a walk.

Bridge over the Kanawha River.

We went to the restaurant in the Sheraton for dinner, burger and club sandwich then got settled and watched the ACM Awards!

Bathroom signs


  1. Beautiful architectural details in Charleston!

    Now off to look up details on this Mad Anne Bailey...

    1. That's the "problem" with reading blogs, one thing leads to another...

  2. I would love to do as much travelling as you do Jackie so continue with the blogging and photos so we all can have a share.


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