Saturday, April 12, 2014

inSPIREd Sunday - Grove City PA

Sally hosts inSPIREd Sunday!

April 2014 - Grove City PA

Some churches around town. Click here for a tour of the town.


  1. A fine collection of churches here, Jackie. :-)
    «Louis» posted the Stanford Memorial Church at Stanford University.

  2. Imagining how stunning those windows must be from inside !
    thank you for the tour =) Palm Sunday blessings..

  3. these are very impressive buildings, lovely churches :-).

  4. the 1st one reminds me of a military school in our area - the architecture that is. neat finds. ( :
    i always love the "church signs" they really do try to bring the crowds in ... ha. ha!!

  5. Jackie - re your comment about Stanford Memorial Church, it is well worth the visit. On the Quad adjacent to the church is a fine copy of Rodin's "Burghers of Calais" and at the Cantor Art Museum, also on the Stanford campus, is a Rodin garden. It is a huge campus. Palm Drive leading into the campus frames the church and gives you great photo ops. The Hoover Institute is also on campus and its tower is often photographed.

  6. Wonderful collection of churches! God bless you this Palm Sunday!


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