Thursday, April 24, 2014

Travel Photo Thursday - Amarillo Texas

I'm posting over at The Budget Travelers' Sandbox 

Our friends Carol and Bill are on their way home from Mazatlan by RV. Today she posted about their stay in Amarillo Texas and going to the Big Texan.

December 2012 - Amarillo Texas

That made me go and look at our photos of our stay there on our way south last winter.


  1. It is a neat place. We';ll be here until Monday so hope to go back there one more time.

  2. A colourful place!

    I'm laughing at that redneck notice!

  3. How amazing. Are there lots of places like this on Route 66?

  4. I've never traveled along Route 66, but I'd like to. I love these colorful buildings. Every shot conveys a party atmosphere. Thanks for linking to Travel Photo Thursday this week.

  5. I'm from Texas, but I don't think I've ever been to Amarillo. It's a long, long way from Austin & Houston where I'm from. Anyways, the Big Texan looks like a colorful place, and very stereotypically Texan. I like the Great State of Texas $100 bill. My boy and I were contemplating the 72 oz steak in an hour challenge and agreed there'd be no way we could do it.

  6. Wow, welcome to the wild, wild west!:-)


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