Friday, May 2, 2014

Saturday Snapshot - Part 4 The Green

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April 2014 - Charlotte NC

Part 1 I posted that I had enjoyed The Green so much that I would be back with more 

This will be my final post on The Green in Charlotte NC.I loved this park with its literature theme.

Camouflaged speakers emit the sounds of bees buzzing, these stamped iron tiles are inlaid throughout the brick walkways.

There are  poems engraved on large brass sheets, made to look like manuscript pages, just lying precariously around The Green.



  1. They've put so much thought into that park- it's great.

  2. The tiles made to look like cushions or throw blankets are pretty amazing. I'm going to check my route to see if I can stop by this park on my trip south next week. Here's Mine

  3. What fantastic sculptures! I especially like the one of the fountain!

  4. Love the mosaic cushions and the brass manuscript pages. Awesome!

    Here is my Saturday Snapshot.

  5. What a great park. Thanks for featuring it. I have never been to North Carolina, but if I ever get the chance I will definitely make time to visit The Green.

  6. This is one incredible park ... the design is so unique and the poems scattered throughout really creative. It looks like a work in progress ... very cool!


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