Monday, July 9, 2018

Monday Mural

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June 2018 - Toronto ON

Click here for a first glimpse of this vibrant Liberty Village neighbourhood and here for some doors in the area.
Click here for some of the silo and hopper murals.

Emmanuel Jarus co-created the Liberty Street Cyclery mural, and is also responsible for a few other murals that can be found throughout Toronto. Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Jarus is a world-renowned artist that initially became recognized online for his work on freight trains, which he explains gave him a gateway into a new community.


  1., it's SUPER SIZED!!😀

  2. Brilliant mural, so well painted! Thanks for contributing Jackie.

  3. This mural is really large. Not sure what it means, but I like the way it looks.

  4. He is so good! Love the cat!


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