Friday, July 20, 2018

Weekend Roundup

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2. A Favorite
3. Couple

For the letter of the week for this round I am going to go with all things TTC, Toronto Transit Corporation.

FYI I have never heard stations/stops announced in French!


Toronto's streetcars are housed and maintained at various carhouses or "streetcar barns".

TRC Motor Shops
Built for Toronto Street Railway near St Lawrence Market as horse stables and became electrical generating plant 1891 after horsecar converted to electric car operations by Toronto Railway Company; later as storage space 1906 and acquired by TTC in 1921; used until 1924 and deemed surplus in 1970s; sold to Young People's Theatre 1977.

St. Clair Wychwood Carhouse
Built for the Toronto Civic Railways in 1914 and expanded 1916. Acquired by TTC in 1921 with renovations and renamed as Wychwood Barns; closed in 1978 after cars moved to Roncesvalles but continued to be used for storage until the 1990s; tracks removed and restored as community centre.

Inside some station stops.

The Russell Carhouse, located at Queen Street East and Connaught Avenue just east of Greenwood Avenue is the Toronto Transit Commission's second oldest carhouse.

Russell Carhouse was built in 1913 by the Toronto Railway Company as a paint shop. When the King Carhouse burnt down in 1916, the Russell was rapidly turned into a carhouse. After the TTC took over and amalgamated all the existing streetcar systems within the city limits in 1920, they found that the foundations were faulty and the facility was sinking. They called for tenders for its demolition and the construction of a new carhouse which opened on December 13, 1924.

A Favourite

I spotted these cakes/pastries in The Bay, a Toronto streetcar, or Red Rocket as it is sometimes called!


This cute couple are Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo as salt and pepper shakers, purchased in Mazatlan.


  1. ...Jackie, you sure' 'Came up with a bunch of 'C's. Way before my time, we had street 'C'ars, but they were replaced by buses. I need to stop up and get a Red Rocket. Thanks for the visit, enjoy your weekend. 😀

    1. I keep telling you let me know when you're coming!

  2. Great shots of your city transit company! I've only been to Toronto once. Those salt and pepper shakers are adorable, maybe you got them from a Mexican restaurant? Have a nice weekend!

  3. The "couple" made me smile but these cakes are superb. Woujld be a pity to eat one - well maybe not! Have a wonderful weekend.


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