Friday, July 27, 2018

Weekend Roundup

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1. Starts with "D."
2. A Favorite
3. Double

For the letter of the week for this round I am going to go with all things TTC, Toronto Transit Corporation.

Starts with "D"

Dupont Station

Dupont Station was designed by Dunlop-Farrow Architects. The two entrances to the station, located at the northwest and southeast corners of Dupont Street and Spadina Road, take the form of glass "bubbles" with orange-painted metal frames covering the stairways and escalators.

Lots of construction in the area.

A motif of rounded surfaces and finishes is used, with the interior walls of the station being clad in small circular orange tiles and all corners curved. On the platforms unique built-in concrete benches are also rounded and covered with the same tiles as the walls and the use of large circular lighting fixtures throughout the station reinforces the theme. 

The overall effect of the interior's rounded surfaces and colour scheme is of an earthly cavern.

The main artwork in the station consists of murals designed by James Sutherland, entitled Spadina Summer Under All Seasons. Using thousands of pieces of glass, colourful mosaics of flowers were created directly into the station’s tiling. Two large mosaics of a giant flower in cross-section face each other across the tracks, reaching upward into a mezzanine level lined with smaller flower mosaics.


Not a favourite as such, and not part of my plans for this week's post, but I had to visit my old neighbourhood and pay tribute to the shooting victims.

Bloor St. becomes Danforth and is part of the Bloor - Danforth subway line that runs west to east.

We were there early Tuesday just after the street was reopened after Sunday's shooting. The floral tributes have multiplied tens of tens of times since then.

This was my original choice for favourite.
Designated Waiting Area
There is a DWA on every platform in the subway system. You can recognize this waiting area by its prominent lighting and bold DWA sign. Each DWA is also equipped with a two-way voice intercom for speaking to the Collector on duty, a CCTV camera for the Collector to see who is using the intercom and a public telephone. DWAs are located at the same spot on every subway platform.

This week at Chester station on Danforth.


Double Double is a Canadian term used to describe how you take your coffee - two teaspoons of sugar and two creams. Preferably used in any Tim Hortons location. John can attest to this, as he used it in a US McDonald's to have the server look at him oddly.

The double decker tour buses are very busy in Toronto at this time of year.


  1. Admittedly I've never been up around the Danforth.

  2. ...heading down to the subway is like entering a different world. The art is amazing. With this Danford shooting you are sadly becoming like us in the US! A Double Double sure is a Canadian thing! Thank for sharing this wonderful post, enjoy your week.

  3. I need to put riding a subway on my bucket list. Have never ridden one. I almost rode Bart in San Francisco, but ended up going to Alcatraz instead. The artwork is beautiful. Sad about the shooting. There is so much disregard for life these days. Would like a taste of the double double and the bus is great! Have a wonderful weekend.


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