Friday, July 6, 2018


July 2018 - Toronto ON

Cee's Odd Ball Challenge

Around our building.

The hottest day of the year and John asks for pot roast! So in the slow cooker it went.
Lemon cheesecake with lemon curd for dessert.

Inspired Sunday
One Word Sunday
#RoofSquares - Final
Monthly Theme - Spirit

A lazy day with some baking.
Carrot coconut bread with lemon cream cheese icing - perfect, moist.


Monday Mural Liberty Village
Foto Tunes Gordon Ligthfoot

Enjoying the warm weather sitting on the balcony on a holiday Monday.

Tuesday Treasures Gordon Lightfoot and Massey Hall

I headed out to College Park and scored some t-shirts for John at $15 each in Winners'. Got a shelf for the kitchen to store the coffee mugs.

The food court opened yesterday at Union Station, they hadn't opened last year due to all the construction, nice to have it back.

There is entertainment as well.


I headed out for a mani-pedi and then picked up fruit for our breakfast tomorrow.

John  went golfing and I went out for lunch where I ran into a cousin in law so we ate together.

Union Station

A Plain Jane from Harry's Burgers, delicious.

Then to Dundas Square to check out the sales, nothing bought.

Thursday Doors College St.

We decided to have breakfast by the lake. We made fruit salad with yogurt dip, brought the coconut carrot cake and a big carafe of coffee with our books and spent a couple of hours enjoying the peace.

This was the view looking west, as people headed into work at 8 AM.

And our view as we had breakfast.

It turned out to be the hottest day of the week as far as I was concerned. We took the car to the east end to try out a pizza place that made its own gluten free pizza dough, Queen Margherita. They have three locations but I chose this one thinking we could wander Queen St. East but the air was stifling.

This is Italian style pizza, not your North American chain type. There are also blanco pizzas but we ordered rosso.

Quiet, because we came in late afternoon.

This was my pizza, their homemade tomato sauce is very good also.

John's gluten free - he really enjoyed it. In a pinch, I would eat that crust too.

Great mural across the street.

Leslieville began as a small village in the 1850s, which grew up around the Toronto Nurseries owned by George Leslie (1804-1893) and sons, after whom the community is named. Most of Leslieville's residents were gardeners or were employed at one of the brick-making factories in the area.

Alexander Muir, the composer of The Maple Leaf Forever, was the first principal of the Leslieville Public School, one of the first buildings in the village. Muir was inspired when a brilliant maple leaf fell on his jacket from a Leslieville tree.

Click here to see another Leslieville mural honouring Muir painted by Elicser.

 When we lived in this area we frequented this garden centre, overpriced but stunning plants.

We had a fantastic thunderstorm around 9 PM, a spectacular light show. Photo taken as storm was passing over and the sun started to set.

Weekend Roundup
Weekend Reflections
Cee's Which Way Challenge

Lunch with my BFF and some shopping. The 2018 Brain Project has begun! We found some at City Hall but the lighting was not right for photos. I'll go back next week.

The Art Show is on this weekend, I had planned on going tomorrow but it really was too hot to enjoy it. But we did a quick lookaround.

By far my favourite pieces by Emanuel Pavao, done with household tape!


Birdo Bloor St. West Toronto 

I may have found a new favourite author with Wild Abandon.

My commute read was Eight Flavors The Untold Story of American Cuisine.
Then I started Gentlemen and Players by Joanne Harris, whom I always enjoy.

I began In a Cottage in a Wood. I'm getting rather tired of whiny, thirtysomethings moaning about their deadend jobs and thinking the world owes them something.

I had read SweetBitter a while ago and didn't really enjoy it. But I watched the series and preferred it, which is unusual.


Wednesday Around the World at Communal Global


  1. At least you were able to use the slow cooker for that pot roast! I have been reading its been a brutal summer for the entire east coast. We have awfully hot temperatures starting at the end of May. Love the /burger photo and the rain storm.

  2. I really need to get back to the show Sweetbitter -- I stalled on episode 2 or 3. Great flower shots, but I know what you mean about the horrible heat. It's just not a good time to be walking around outside. AND I love that idea of a leisurely breakfast picnic! Fantastic way to start the day.

  3. It's been really hot here too !! Some interesting photos and a really good pizza-

  4. It;s been cold here so I am glad to see pictures of sunny places. Warms me for just a second or two.

  5. Gorgeous trek through all the beautiful places...and some ordinary ones that look wonderful in the light.

    I have the Sweetbitter book, but haven't read it. I, too, enjoyed the maybe I'll skip the book. Here are MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOTS

  6. Ah, the brains are back!

    We had the heatwave too- it finally seemed to have broken overnight Thursday into Friday.

  7. I'm sorry it's been so hot there. I keep hearing that cooler weather is coming to you.

    Your adventures were wonderful. All in one little week, too! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  8. I always enjoy your photos, and today's selection was no exception. Now I want to visit Toronto! Looks like a beautiful, cosmopolitan city with lots to offer visitors.
    My Saturday Snapshot post features ”Northwest Trek.”

  9. You chose a great place for a picnic, I love the view! Oh the brains are back! Looking forward to seeing those again, they are weird and wonderful in equal measure.
    I think we could also do with a storm to freshen the air a little. I bet you have an amazing view when a storm passes by your home.

    Thanks for taking us on your travels Jackie. It's always a pleasure to catch up with your week. 😀 #MMBC.

  10. What a great week you had. I agree that burger does look delicious. Yum! So many fun pieces of art too! Glad you had a great week.

  11. The art show looks great, Jackie. And it's certainly been picnic weather. Cooler and damp here today but I don't think anyone minds. I'm busy watching Wimbledon. Thanks, hon!

  12. Lots of great photos! Corona has the best ads. Love all the wonderful scenery.


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