Saturday, July 28, 2018

Jambalaya Crawfish Pie and File Gumbo

CAMHANAICH - (n) early morning twilight

2013 - NOLA

July 2018 - Toronto ON


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I came across a recipe for a slow cooker jambalaya and realized we had not had jambalaya in forever! Then to discover I never posted my recipe from a cooking class in New Orleans on our first trip. RECTIFIED. Click here for the recipe with updated slow cooker instructions along with adding uncooked rice.

We had lots of blueberries so I made a crustless blueberry pie I spotted on Facebook last week and blueberry ice cream.
Pie is a keeper!

Heavy traffic heading into town.

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Finally, a rainy day! Good for lounging and baking, reading.
I made three ingredient coconut macaroons and dipped them in chocolate.

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We went to bed last night watching a senseless shooting in our old beloved neighbourhood on Danforth in Greektown.

Today was replacement day, we replaced our pillows and our microwave.

The pillows - it was time! We got the Miracle Bamboo. UPDATE loving the pillow.

The microwave was here when we moved in and I would guess it is at least 15 years old. The fan didn't work well, the plastic is falling off and the controls don't seem to work correctly.


NEW - we have to wait for the installer to pick it up and arrange a date.

The rest of the day went to John working out, doing laundry, reading and other chores.

We had cabbage rolls for dinner.

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We had a couple of outings in mind today but decided to go to the Danforth and have lunch.

Businesses had only reopened in this area today after the Monday police investigation.

It's one thing to watch the news but when you come upon the spot where one of the girls died, and the store front is boarded up, it is a totally different feeling.

The floral tributes have multiplied since we were there early on Tuesday.

We were early, it has grown!

This is now covered in flowers.

The second fatality.

This was our neighbourhood for 22 years so we took a walk.

I popped into KitchenStuff and found the pastry mat I have wanted.

The sky around 5 PM.


John headed out to golf and I had a trip mapped out around the Bloor Church St. area.
This is a long walk so click here for a separate post.

Gorgeous houses and gardens along Gloucester between Church and Yonge.

BMO sponsored murals on Maitland for PRIDE.

I don't normally post about local politics, but after having the reality hit me in the eye when we looked at boarded up store fronts due to bullet holes on Tuesday this week, I am linking to some articles.
CNN reported the Toronto city council vote to ban guns 41-4.

BlogTO take on the vote.
More importantly, our new "premier" voted NO!!

Watch the video and just ignore Ford's appearance.

Before I left I had prepared the filling for a steak and kidney pie.

Since we now cook gluten free, we were missing pastry. I had bought a package so I thought I would try it.

When I got home I prepared the Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pastry Mix, this is time consuming because the pastry needs an hour to chill after you mix it with a lot of butter! Fairly easy to roll out using my new pastry mat!

This pie turned out so well!!

Thursday Doors on vacation until August 9

My our mission was Sugar today, for Sunday's One Word Challenge.

Shuttle to Front St. then we walked down to Yonge and Queen's Quay.

At the bottom of Yonge St are these markers.

We happen to have the Redpath Sugar Museum, so easy right?

Ever have a feeling? We walk in and the security guard says if you're here for the museum, he closed early...really? You couldn't have put that on the website today???

Oh well, had a back-up plan.

Corus Entertainment is a Canadian media and broadcasting company. Formed in 1999 as a spin-off from Shaw Communications, it is headquartered at Corus Quay, and has prominent holdings in the radio, publishing, and television industries. Corus Entertainment's voting majority is held by the company's founder JR Shaw and his family, and a 40% stake of Corus stock is owned by Shaw Communications.

It looked like we might get rained upon so we cut through the building and the storm blew over.

Checked out the George Brown dockside campus.

Had fun taking photo through their rose-tinted entrance.

Back in sunshine, sitting on Sugar Beach.

Redpath Sugar on the right.

Huge mural on the side of Redpath.

Condos on the waterfront.

 John loved the look of this building.

Now walking west along Harbourfront.

The metal and concrete structure is called 'Sundial Folly' and rests in a pool of water. The water feeds a small waterfall that tumbles a few feet into Lake Ontario on the east side of the pier in Harbour Square Park. The 1995 art work is by John Fung and Paul Figueiredo. Coming in from the backside you can take a walk on the platform that leads into the sphere.

The storm is approaching, we took the inside route to the bus and boarded just as the first raindrops fell.

Leftovers for dinner.


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It's been a busy week with several outings so I had plenty to blog about and research. There was also the usual chores of cleaning and laundry and other mundane tasks we all know about so I took today to get caught up.
John played golf late afternoon. 

Plus we are going away for the weekend so needed to get that organized too!

Dinner - wings and fries


Finished and really enjoyed Purple Hibiscus.  Also finished Amy Tan's Where the Past Begins and was a little bored reading it.


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  1. So much I could say, but I really liked the brewery photos.

  2. The coconut macaroons look so yummy. And yay for cooler temperatures and a day without torrential rain. I'm so sorry to hear about the shooting; hope Canada stays safe.

    You're doing so great with the GF baking ... if I ever have to start incorporating gluten free meals, I'll be asking you questions. The pastry mat is very cool.

    I can see how the Amy Tan memoir could get a little boring. It was enjoyable enough to keep my interest as an audiobook.

  3. I always enjoy your photos of your treks around Toronto. Looks like there's lots to explore. Thank you for posting links to the blueberry pie and jambalaya recipes. We lived near the Louisiana border for many years and learned to make both chicken-and-sausage jambalaya (with chicken stock) and seafood jambalaya (with crushed tomatoes). Delicious either way!
    My Saturday Snapshot post features a walk among giants.

  4. I don't know how you pack so many interesting things into one week and still have time to bake!! Thanks for the gluten free blueberry pie recipe. It looks easy and delicious with all those blueberries bursting

  5. Beautiful sights and foods! I love the look of those coconut macaroons...and the steak and kidney pie. The neighborhoods look inviting and colorful. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  6. People have really responded in the aftermath of the shootings.

  7. Your pictures from Danforth are really brings the tragedy of gun violence home.

  8. Gumbo always sounds so good to me. and those macaroons look amazing!

  9. I instantly thought of you when we first heard of the awful shooting in your old neighbourhood. So very sad. Glad you guys are safe.

    Yay for rain! We had a downpour this weekend and it feels so fresh now. Those coconut macaroons look amazing and that pie! If I didn't live so many miles away I would be straight around yours for dinner!

    Lovely pics again Jackie, and what a good looking couple on Sugar beach 😉

    Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC.

  10. Your council is level-headed and proactive wanting to do something about the gun violence. Such a different and positive attitude from what we have in the U.S. Best wishes to you, Jackie.

  11. Those choccie Macaroons look amazing


  12. Shrimp and Grits! Yes! We love shrimp dishes. Thanks for taking us along on the tour, I love seeing yur city and the art and what you eat.
    Awful about the shooting, it is all to prevalent in our part of the country too. Can't open the news without hearing about another one.

  13. This world is hard to understand sometimes, Jackie. Probably best to just cook and get on with your lives. Who knows what's around the corner? Thanks so much for joining me again. :) :)


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