Friday, July 20, 2018

Mural Archive Exhibit

July 2018 - Toronto ON

I happened upon this exhibit at 401 Richmond this week. Since I participate in Monday Mural and have posted weekly murals for almost four years, I was thrilled to see this display.

The Toronto Mural Archive Exhibit reflects on the history of mural art in the city. The Toronto Mural Archive is a research project and touring informational exhibit, the first of its kind to survey the history of mural art in Toronto. Mural Routes has gathered articles, information and stories, taking time to reflect on the field of public mural art’s developments so far. We have combined our research together to share ‘the story’ of murals in Toronto in a touring exhibit. The archive provides context to both critically reflect and inspire the future mural art movement in Toronto, and to provide a template for other Ontario cities to follow.

Toronto's StART webiste is an excellent source.
Mural Routes Canada is a great source for Canadian murals with an interactive map.

This was probably the first mural I ever saw, in our first month in Toronto in 1991, we went to a work function with a group and drove north on the DVP, Don Valley Parkway and saw this rainbow. Since then we have passed this thousands of times, but don't have a photo.

This would be the second mural I recall ever seeing. One that we have many photos.

We've been here recently, Drake's Commissary on Sterling Road.

Some graffiti  in Graffiti Alley.

On Kingston Rd. and featured on Monday Mural in June 2017.

Two murals highlighting Toronto's music history now adorn this building.

We haven't explored this area as yet.

These took three posts.
Underpass People
More Murals
Monday Mural

Church and King - I didn't show it on Monday Mural but did include it in this 2015 post.

On my agenda.

 We tracked this one done on a walk.

Read and see more details here.


  1. sure have quite an archive! 😀

  2. Yes, I have seen that mural in the Don Valley a number of times while coming down the parkway too. It is colourful.

  3. Interesting exhibit! The only mural you show that I specifically remember seeing when we visited Toronto is the one of windows and billowing curtains.

  4. I like the way they are categorised in the exhibition. Phlegm certainly gets around.

  5. This is fascinating. The next time I visit Toronto I hope these are around!


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