Friday, July 20, 2018

Cee's Which Way Challenge

Cee's Which Way Challenge
Roads: gravel, asphalt, cobbled, dirt, freeway, expressway, highway, bridges
Indoor walkways: hallways, aisles, people movers
Outdoor walks: sidewalks, paths, trails
Stairs, elevators, escalators, or steps: indoors, outdoors
Railway tracks, monorails, ski lifts
Runways and starmacs
Ferries, canals and lochs
Parking lots, private driveways
Signs of any kind: directional, informational, store signs, wind vanes
Maps that are posted as signs

September 2017 - Yellowstone National Park


  1. And there are still people dumb enough to ignore the signs.

  2. Oh you have some wonderful fun signs for this week. :D


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