Saturday, October 11, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  • Scavenger Hunt Sunday

    The rules are simple:

    1. Anyone can participate.
    2. You’re encouraged to take five new photos this week for the challenge. Creativity is also encouraged!
    3. If you get stumped, you may use one photo from your archive (although I’m not too strict about it – I do my best to take fresh shots).
    4. Link up here on Sunday (or Tuesday at the latest) – you can use the button above.
    5. Leave comments for at least five entries around yours (with so many new participants each week, it’s the only way I know to be inclusive
    6. Have fun

October 2014 - Toronto ON

  • Details - new houses do not get this kind of detail.

  •  Friend - friends sharing an umbrella

  • Comfort - what better comfort food than potatoes!

  • Above - coming home on Sunday evening we noticed that the CN Tower was decked out in pink for the CIBC Run for the Cure. Taken with my phone from a moving car!

  • New - we had the bathroom cabinets replaced this week!! Of course this meant new plumbing!


  1. I know from time to time the lights on the tower change like that, but I've never seen it like that!

  2. Doesn't get more comforting than fries!

  3. Great job. I really really like the friend shot.

  4. Great set. I liked the detail shot, it's fun to see homes with decorative stuff like that.
    Your Friend shot was my favorite of your set. That is really cool looking.
    Goodness they have a variety of fries there.
    How neat they did that with the tower for a worthy cause.
    Hope the new cabinets look great.

  5. Fun shot of the friends with the umbrella! New plumbing in the bathroom--just what I need!

  6. I love the first one---and I love taking photos of roof points like that--
    I live in a town that has a lot of older homes and all of them have different top peaks--
    I just wished I could climb up and cut those darn wires down before I take the photo!!
    great photos on them all--
    see ya next week--

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