Thursday, October 23, 2014


I'm linking up at Thursday's Challenge. Today's topic is HOME.

I thought, oh simple, but when I went to my photos I realized I didn't have an updated picture of my kitchen. So first I had to clean up, then I snapped these with my phone.

 I love my kitchen, which is funny since I didn't like it when we were viewing this condo two years ago. I had thought I wanted open concept but now realize I much prefer having it enclosed with two doors.
This means I can watch my own TV shows (HGTV, Food Network and Gusto) while John watches whatever in the living room. I love to cook so I spend many hours in my little sanctuary.

I have great wide counters and love that I can leave my mixer out.
Behind that door is my washer and dryer.
The stove is new - bought in May. I couldn't stand the one that the previous owners had left, it was just grimy and worn out.  The numbers on the knobs had worn off.

The lighting is on our list of TO DO but can wait for a while.

The picture on the laundry room door is new, bought in August in Quebec.

I hate the new water cooler bottles that are now coloured green!! They used to be clear coloured.

We bought this piece of furniture online and it is fantastic. I keep my breadmaker and crockpot in it and simply place them on top when I want to use them.


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