Monday, October 13, 2014

Our World Tuesday

September 2014 - Port Hope ON

We stopped in Port Hope a couple of weeks ago to watch the salmon jumping upstream.  It is located on the Ganaraska River in Port Hope at the fish ladder on Cavan St.

Salmon  migrate and swim from the ocean where they reside and back to the place where they were born in the small streams in order to lay eggs for their next generation.  Then they take the journey back to the ocean or die during the process.  

Other people watching too.

It builds patience. It was around 4 PM and you great a much better turnout in the morning.

 You can see the salmon in the water.

She's trying. Many die was they try and end up hitting the wall.



  1. They are great photos. Such determination on the part of the fish

  2. Very cool post! It is neat seeing the Salmon traveling.. Have a happy week!


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