Monday, October 20, 2014

Point Prim PEI

August 2014 - Point Prim PEI

I found a description at the Point Prim Lighthouse site.

Gar Gillis is the creator of Hannah’s Bottle Village. He was inspired by Mount Carmel, the bottle village up west. He named it Hannah’s Bottle Village and he said that his Uncle Linwood had a summer cottage on PEI and his granddaughter, Hannah, spent a lot of time on the island, so he named it after her. Actually, each building in the bottle village is named after a relative. The first building built was the church. It is named after youngest grandson, Noah. 

There is no admission charge, but donations are being collected for the IWK children’s hospital in Halifax.

The last thing to be built was the gate, named after step granddaughter Peyton.

The second building to rise was the Sydney’s General Store, named after granddaughter, Sydney.  

The third building created was the school house dubbed Cameron Allan Davies Schoolhouse after oldest grandson.

The fourth building to be built was the imitation “Annalee home”.

Number six is JR’s Tea Room, named after late Mom, Jesse Ross, who apparently always had the teapot on.

What's more Canadian than Tim Horton's!

The fifth building was named after his Dad and former lighthouse keeper, Norman Gillis.


  1. What a fun village to visit. I imagine his family love going there to see their own buildings.

  2. Nice architecture using beer bottles!

  3. A most interesting series. My favourite is the one you shared on Our World Tuesday.

  4. Oh wow, I love this cute village.. The bottle houses and the gate is just amazing.. Great post and I enjoyed the photos.

  5. I wasn't sure what to make of this village when I saw the first photo...but as I scrolled through, I realized how very cool this is! It truly is an amazing set of buildings.


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