Sunday, October 12, 2014

And to Think I Saw It...Sep 26-Oct 10

I didn't post last week so I'll do the last two weeks in this post.




We haven't been out and about as much in the last couple of weeks. John started a contract working downtown.
We have had a contractor here doing some work which kept me in the house. see below.

We were in Montreal for four days - see below for photos.

We've been out to dinner with family for wings, dinner at Judy and Ian's and dinner at Lori and Gary's.

We dined in our restaurant one night. Spaghetti and meat balls for John and salmon for me.

We sadly attended a visitation for a former colleague who passed away. As always we caught up with many co-workers and friends.

We went to the theatre to see Julie, Madly, Deeply. A one woman show from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival,
about Julie Andrews using Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music as accompaniment. Delightful.
We went for pizza before the show.

Click on the links below for lots more photos of Toronto.

I spent some time around Chinatown looking at the Nuit Blanche exhibits that remained on display for a week.

More on Nuit Blanche in another post.

Some random photos from some other short jaunts into town.

Hockey fever broke out.

Autumn florals appeared outside downtown buildings.

CN Tower dressed in pink for the CIBC Run for the Cure.

Courting voters for the upcoming mayoral elections.


Honestly did not keep a recap of our meals. And as I mentioned above we were out a lot for meals.
So this is just a random list.
Ham, potatoes and brussels sprouts.
Weekly steak broccoli and baked potato with roasted mushrooms. 
Stuffed pork tenderloin with sour cream mashed potatoes with Parmesan. Recipe below.

I did make a new recipe that was an instant hit. Squash and turkey bake.

I made a new brownie cheesecake recipe that was also a keeper.


We replaced the ugly sinks in both bathrooms, installed new cabinets, replaced the lighting with pot lights, had the old cabinets removed. Of course this entailed additional plumbing not planned on.


They started October 1 and finished October 9, no weekends and most days from 9 to 3 or 4. 
both rooms now need painting before we put up the mirror.


We had some odd jobs done as well. Dave hung the light fixture in the pantry that we bought months ago.
We had the plumber fix the slow leak that the dryer guy had mentioned a couple of weeks ago. 
Dave also fixed a wonky kitchen drawer. 
John removed the old paper towel holder that we don't use.
We added some more photos to our wall.

We had Dave check out a few more jobs we'd like done. More on that.


Some photos for our weekend in Montreal.
Click on the links below for more Montreal photos.

Nuit Blanche

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  1. The Montreal shots are marvelous!

    I have to photograph Leafs fans sometime before winter when the team plays here. I've got a blog title in mind, but not the pics to go with it!


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