Friday, October 10, 2014

Saturday Snapshot

September 2014 - Toronto ON

Wandering around Kensington Market a couple of weeks ago. One of the joys of not working is being able to explore our city during the week.

Wikipedia tells us that:Kensington Market is a distinctive multicultural neighbourhood. The Market is an older neighbourhood and one of the city's most well-known. In November 2006, it was designated a National Historic Site of Canada.Robert Fulford wrote in 1999 that "Kensington today is as much a legend as a district. The (partly) outdoor market has probably been photographed more often than any other site in Toronto."

 Its approximate borders are College St. on the north, Spadina Ave. on the east, Dundas St. W. to the south, and Bathurst St. to the west. Most of the neighbourhood's eclectic shops, cafes, and other attractions are located along Augusta Ave. and neighbouring Nassau St., Baldwin St., and Kensington Ave.In addition, to the Market, the neighbourhood features many historic Victorian homes.

Rooftop gardening

You never know what you will find around a corner.


  1. What fun photos! I love all the colors and it looks like you had a beautiful day for it.

  2. It's such an eclectic area, Jackie. I haven't been in that part of the city in years.

  3. How truly wonderful! An artistic exploration....thanks for sharing. Here's MY SATURDAY SNAPSHOT POST

  4. What a great neighborhood! I remember walking through there when we visited the city last Spring! There were so many interesting characters and shop displays! The artwork was all over the place too! Very cool ...

  5. Love, love, love your colorful, playful photos! I've never been to Kensington, but it looks like you've captured the eclectic flavor of the neighborhood. I agree -- one of the joys of retirement is the ability to explore places at your leisure, especially during the week instead of on busy weekends. Enjoy, and please keep sharing your adventures.
    My Saturday Snapshots today are from the Cinque Terre.

  6. Wonderful and colorful pictures! What a fun walk!

  7. Thanks for sharing you midweek adventure! Specially love the petticoats ( can cans) on the line! What a hoot!

  8. Toronto looks so vibrant! I love the garden car.


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