Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekend Cooking

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On September 17 we attended a Season 7 episode 2 taping of the Steven and Chris show at CBC. My GF and I had attended before and we thought the guys would enjoy it. 
You have to arrive by 10:15 and then you wait around until they take attendance and get everyone into their seats, around 11 AM. There must be a method to how they seat the audience for the cameras as we were singled out for strategic seating as we had two guys with us and there were only four in total!!

The taping took much longer than the last time as there were new sets to work with. The show aired on September 24.

During the Food portion the chef Michael P Clive made a chilli cornbread cobbler.
Here are some photos I took from the TV.

This looks so good I am going make it this week.


  1. What fun, and wow does that look delicious!

  2. Chili corn cobbler? What a delicious idea!

  3. Attending a cooking show sounds like lots of fun even if it is a bit time consuming!

  4. That does sound like fun! Lovely photos.

  5. Oooh, sounds like a fun thing to do. Cheers

  6. First, how fun to attend the taping! Second, OMG I think I *have* to make that.

  7. It does look delicious. I can almost smell it.

  8. I haven't attended a live filming, but it would be a fun adventure. That dish does look tasty.

  9. How fun to attend a tv taping, I haven't done that in years. The recipe looks good too.


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