Friday, September 13, 2013

Sepia Saturday - Sep 14

Sepia Saturday

I'm posting at Sepia Saturday today.

This wonderful image flags up all sorts of possibilities if you like to try and match one of its themes. For me, anyone sitting absorbed in the craft of needlework in a domestic setting conjures up a picture of contentment in executing a piece of work which will be used, admired and talked about. There are, of course, other settings where the person, often a child, wielding the needle, is not so content, but I'm sure you don't need me to spell those out for you. For the present let's enjoy this particular autochrome plate from around 1910 and pore over the rich details: the folds of the flag; the woman's lace blouse; the chintzy chair; the sidetable with sewing basket; the bookcase; the chandelier; the picture of three saints. So many choices for you to consider when selecting your own image to feature in this week's Sepia Saturday.

Now, before you open your workbasket take a quick look at the upcoming posts, so that you can keep them in mind whilst sorting through the albums. Enjoy your week.
(Little Nell)

My mother sewed a lot when we were growing up. For my prom in 1969 she made my dress which I loved. I attended D'Arcy McGee in Montreal.


  1. The girl next to you in that last photo wearing white trimmed in turquoise reminded me of my sister's bridesmaids' dresses in 1974. They had the same type of bodice & long ruffled sleeves. I find it such a shame girls don't dress in pretty long gowns anymore for proms and other formal occasions. I know it was a different era, but really dressing up always felt so special back then. Your dress, by the way, was lovely. Kudos to your mom!

  2. We don't have Proms in Australia. We call them Formals - or at least we did when I went to school. My mother made my formal dress too. It was a long dress and white. I loved it. It had a huge skirt. I was skinny then too...sigh.

  3. Love the innocence of your prom group photo. Seems different today somehow.

  4. A clever mum you had!
    Oh those puffy sleeves - how hard they were to sew and fit. That's one fashion I'm not sorry went out of style.

  5. The girls these days show alot of leg in their Formal dresses!

  6. Our school still have formals and the girls still dress up in beautiful dresses - usually long ones. When I was a teenager we use to be called 'debutantes' and have a 'coming out'.

  7. Prom dresses were sweet back then. Those hairdos! Those girls could have been at my high school!!

  8. These dresses reminded me of some of the ones I used to make myself around 1970, when I went to Summer Balls.

  9. Not to contradict Gail but girls still do enjoy wearing long formal dresses as I saw one my friends' daughter going to her prom in a beautiful chiffon dress.

    Your dress was lovely and it looked very typical of the times.


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