Saturday, August 26, 2017

Wedding Cake

We're in Kitchener-Waterloo ON for a family wedding, drove down yesterday and staying in a Radisson hotel.
John went golfing at Rebel Creek where the wedding will take place late this afternoon.
I lazed around and went to lunch at Martini's. This was an absolutely delicious tuna tartare.

John came back starving so we went back across and he had an omelette.

Time to get gussied up for the wedding! I'll try to limit the photos!

Party bus to golf course.

John did a reading.

I was a witness.

inSPIREd Sunday
Shadow Shot Sunday

We headed out without a real plan other than to stop and see the two new prime ministers that joined John A Macdonald in July.

Morning coffee selfie with John A, our first prime minister. This was sculpted by Ruth Abernethy who also did the Glenn Gould sculpture outside the CBC.

William Lyon Mackenzie King at the Quebec Conference in the Second World War is explaining things to John. Or perhaps King is asking what a double double is.

We decided on the spur of the moment, debating between a car show or Stratford, to go to Stratford.

Sheakspeare is the town before Stratford.

We hadn't eaten yet, and figured we would come across something. And we did which resulted in a quick u-turn when I spotted this sign.

Gluten free onion rings.

John's gluten free fish and chips, made with rice flour.

Click here to visit along with us.

The Shakespearean Gardens were stunning.

We stopped for fresh corn and then took the slow way home avoiding the 401.

We did a u-turn, again, when I spotted this mural, well it is the mural on the side that caught my eye, but you will have to wait for a Monday to see it.

Since we were parked we took a stroll and stopped in here for a beer.

Good Random Fun
Monday Mural
Foto Tunes
Tuesday Treasures

Monday and Tuesday were spent getting back to normal, chores and planning our cross country trip, making some reservations to finalize dates.

So far it looks like this, we will go west through the States and then home via Canada.  There will be some tweaking required as we do some more research and reservations.
I'll print off itineraries for the various parks and discard them as I go, also download some apps.

I bought a "real" book for our trip on the way home.

Didn't really see the solar eclipse as it was quite cloudy other than it got a dusk like feeling.
But we had an amazing sunset.

Dinner Monday was salmon and sauteed cabbage.

Since I am short on photos this week I'll show the last of the new art installations
in our building.
Parking level B-4 invites the Four Seasons of The Palace Pier into its hallways, as Mother Nature’s paint brush “brings the outdoors in”. These scenes are also a subtle reminder of the outdoor activities available to our residents through each and every season with our incomparable amenities, and easy access to countless outdoor pursuits within close proximity.


Tuesday, dull and duller, we went to see the movie Dunkirk which was fabulous and quite a history lesson. It also required some homework to learn some background as well as a geography lesson.
The audience was generally older so it was nice to see two boys around 12 there to see it.

Dinner on Tuesday was hot sausages, a creamy coleslaw (sour cream and mayo, apple cider vinegar) and cheese biscuits.

Wednesday was just another ordinary day with John golfing and I made more reservations trying to use points for hotels and baking goodies to take on the road with us.
I made cranberry pumpkin muffins and a raisin loaf.

Dinner was a new recipe zesty Asian meatballs, not a keeper, a little too dry and the glaze was a bit runny and I should have reduced the honey. Served along with rice and sauteed cabbage, snow peas, celery and carrots. Will we never finish this head of cabbage?

Thursday Doors
Weekly challenge Behind

I ran some errands for trip stuff, woo hoo dollar store sets me back $30.

RBC is sponsoring TIFF this year, Toronto International Film Festival. This was a cool billboard on one of their buildings.

Then more baking. Pina colada quick bread and morning glory muffins. Muffins have been frozen for our trip. Both turned out well.

Dinner was easy, use something we already had, ham and colcannon but with the never ending cabbage, good but much better with spinach or kale.
There is even a song about colcannon that describes exactly how our Irish mothers would serve it.

Weekend Reflections
Friday Finds

We headed downtown to take care of some errands, unlocking our cells and getting my Presto card working.

Then John headed home to golf and I went exploring with my now working transit card.

I boarded a crowded subway train and actually took a photo and sent it to TTC customer service. They are actually running an etiquette campaign highlighting this kind of behaviour. I've tweeted and instagrammed this pic. It's not like her bags paid for a seat! Rant over.

I decided on the Bata Shoe Museum based on which exit I came out of the subway, it could have been the Gardiner Ceramic Museum instead.

Click here to see their amazing window display celebrating Canada's 150th.

Click here to see more of the exhibits.

I did walk over to the Gardiner Museum as I knew they had a brain there. They had three on display!
Click here to see the brains.

In the museum lobby by Zsuzsa Monostory based on the Norman Rockwell cover.

Image result for norman rockwell jester

Down into my favourite subway station, Museum. Toltec sculpted by Les Drysdale.

Home to get organized for another weekend away, Montreal and also get stuff done for our trip starting Sep 5.

Dinner was our usual Friday night steak, baked potato and broccoli.


I finished I Let You Go and absolutely loved it, Beth will be pleased I found a good one. Without giving anything away it was a complete thriller.

I started The Girl Before and so far I am enjoying it as well. But neither book shows men in a good light!


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  1. I love your wedding drag, but you so failed at minimal photos. I think that woman on the train bought a ticket for her bag to sit on the seat.

  2. You both look lovely for the wedding and how nice that you were a witness! Ok I'm really intrigued with the gluten free fish and chips and the onion rings!! Been a long time since I had anything like that. Being gluten free, I usually get left out..

  3. You both dress up well! Lovely. Good job on spotting the GF fish and chips. The Shakespeare gardens do look beautiful and I love the route you have picked out for your loop through the US and Canada. I already can't wait to see your photos.

    The trees in the globes and through the windows in the 4 seasons exhibit really caught my eye. And the shoes are just plain fun.

    Finally, yay on finding a good book. I'll have to but I Let You Go on my list.

  4. I always enjoy your photos. What a full life you live! Thanks for sharing your world. (The Four Seasons displays are my favorites this week.)
    My Saturday Snapshot post features Dungeness Spit.

  5. The brides look lovely!

    Ruth Abernethy has quite a vivid style. She did the Oscar Peterson statue at the NAC here, as well as a John McCrae statue that's here and at his home in Guelph.

  6. You pack a lot into your days! Have a great week. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  7. You both looked lovely at the wedding and I love how your husband's socks and tie matched.

  8. That's wonderful - and as an aside, I like the look of that tuna!

  9. Great post filled with a nice assortment of pics of your life. That was some party bus by the way. Lovely bride and delicious food.

  10. You and John will never go hungry! :) :) Loved the jazzy socks! Many thanks for sharing, Jackie.

  11. Lovely photo of you two at the wedding! It looks like the signing of the witness is a bit thing where you live, like in Holland (here, not so much). Also, like the contemplative photo of you on the bench. As usual I love the art you included in your week and share with All Seasons! Have a smooth preparation for your upcoming trip and "see" you in two weeks back at All Seasons! Now I;m off to see your links to the art:)

  12. Your travels are always so interesting! Lovely wedding. Looks like a nice relaxing time there. Coming across the US will be've done the southerly route before I know. The museum statues in the subway station was so interesting!

  13. Lovely wedding!
    Your food photos make me hun-gry!
    Went to Stratford-upon-Avon many years ago, but that is another place...

  14. You both looked very smart for the wedding and how awesome are Johns socks?!
    I don't blame you one bit for reporting the lady on the tube. How inconsiderate of her to take up a seat like that.
    The shakespearean gardens look beautiful. I love walking around places like that.

    Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. See you next week x

  15. I had to laugh at your idea of a photo shortage. I loved the "men in heels" poster! And I'm sure John's socks outshone the brides. (I just looked at the comment above and see I'm not the only one to admire them.)
    Your photos are fabulous, as always.
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travels

  16. Loved the Bata Museum when we were in Toronto last year. You both look very elegant at the wedding. Your trip sounds absolutely amazing!


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