Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday Finds

Starts with H
2 Simple or simplify
3 Green
The first will be the same, except we’ll work our way through the alphabet. The second and third will be different each time.
Hosted by Friday Finds and this is V4 or round 4!!!

Also playing along at ABC Wednesday

Eh to Zed

For this round of the alphabet I am going to celebrate Canada's 150 birthday by showcasing towns across the county.
To date I've been in the Maritimes with my letters. For the letter E we went to Ontario. F we were back in the Maritimes. With G we were back in Ontario.

Back in the Maritimes in Halifax. HAlifax is the capital of Nova Scotia.





Simple or Simplify
Searching for an idea I found this in my Halifax folder, a billboard for a hotel that says "Luxury Made Simple".

My absolute favourite colour!


  1. I like your Harbor Walk, Jackie. We've been on the part where the tour boats dock. Don't know what we'll do this Fall but doing all the walk sounds like fun. I'll check into it last time we went to Peggy's Cove. That was nice, the ride was nice too. ThinkING of staying in town more this time.

  2. ...great "H"s, we do less is not something you see advertised often!

  3. Halifax looks delightful! Love the simple elegance idea. Your shot for green is absolutely beautiful! Love it. Thank you so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!

  4. Halifax is one of my favourite cities, but then I did grow up there, and my parents still live there, so I'm probably a bit biased. I love the green shot - looks like an allium post-flowering? That's what the ones in my yard look like.


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