Monday, August 14, 2017

Sculpture King-Front

August 2017 - Toronto ON

These sculptures are in and around Front St. and King St. from Blue Jays Way to Simcoe St.

I continue to use the book Creating Memory and the website for information on the sculptures I find around town.

Wellington St. in front of a condo.

Fair Grounds- Michel Goulet, 2003

Colourful flags waving on top of poles and a variety of silver chairs on the sidewalk form this sculpture.

Outside the Renaissance Hotel at the Rogers Centre.

Spiral Fountain - Judith Schwarz, 1989

South of King St. on John

Constellation - Albert Paley, 2002

Metro Hall

Click here to see more Metro Hall sculpture.

Jaan Poldaas' Surface Design for Tampered Windscreens (1992), a sculpture composed of tempered glass screens which functions as a windbreak. The screens are etched with vertical and horizontal lines to create different relationships, and are arranged so that people can walk between them.

“It is one of the few sculptures in Toronto that people notice, remember and talk about,” John Warkentin writes in his book, “Creating Memory: A Guide to Outdoor Public Sculpture in Toronto.”

Remembered Sustenance, as it’s called, was created by artist Cynthia Short, and is made up of 19 bronze animals. Some of the animals seem to be walking towards a bronze dish, which sits below a curtain with bronze birds perched on top of it. Others are walking away from it.

Off Front St. beside the CBC.
Click here for more sculpture close  by.

Anish Kapoor, 1995
Untitled (mountain) is a water-jet cut aluminium sculpture created by internationally renowned British artist Anish Kapoor. He has intended the work to be open and rich with potential metaphoric and symbolic meanings, as an actual mountain might be.


  1. You've got to love art you can sit on. There's quite a lot of interesting art there, pretty impressive.

  2. Remembering Sustenance is my favourite of these.


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