Saturday, August 5, 2017

Cream of the Crop

This week's food truck - I ate here this week!

University and Dundas

This was a day of chores and errands with some relaxation thrown in.

Finally fruits and vegetables are a decent price! This huge broccoli was only $1.39.

For dinner we had beef Asian wraps, our go to favourite these days.


We headed out to Midland, about two hours north of Toronto to see their murals, 39 in all! Plus the largest, outdoor, historical mural in North America.
Click here to tour the town. You'll have to stop by on Monday to see more murals.

Thanks to Violet Sky for the tip about the murals!

We had a delicious lunch, ahi tuna for me and a chicken Greek salad for John.

A selfie with this HUGE trumpeter swan. Trumpeter Swan sculpture by MIchael Taylor honours the work done by the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre and other conversationalists who reintroduced the threatened species to Georgian Bay. The sculpture has a wingspan of 25'. 

Oh, yes, THAT mural!

This mural measures 80 ft high and 250 ft wide and is the largest outdoor historical mural in North America. It displays Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons as it would look like in the 1640's.

With the abundance of local produce we had corn on the cob for dinner.


My birthday and a significant one at that. I snapped a few pictures on my way to get a haircut.

I met John with plans to go to Canyon Creek (Canadian chain) for lunch. Not a fan of chains, but they do a mean prime rib. Seated, and server informs us that they didn't get their beef delivery so no prime cut of any kind, no steaks not even a beef stew. Well, we left shaking our heads!

We decided on an old favourite owned by Michael Bonacini, who I have mentioned here before as he also owns Canoe where we usually celebrate birthdays. But it was a nice day and his grill was perfect as we could sit outside as we finally had a REAL summer day.

The view of new and old across from the restaurant.

This plaque was outside the office tower that the restaurant is in. It seems there was a hotel on this spot called the American Hotel.

Inside the restaurant the walls are lined with white books (wallpaper).

We both had steak frites which was great.

Then we walked over to the two buildings I had blogged about last for John to see them.

After that big lunch we had a light supper of salad.


John headed out to an appointment and I walked from Union Station to University to track down some sculptures and buildings.
Here are the details, this post includes photos from last week and this week.

And more architecture.

I had lunch at the food truck I showed above, Curb Crave.
Honestly this was so good that I Instagrammed it as I was eating it! The roti was absolutely delicious!

TanDo Roti Taco
Perfectly marinated tandoori chicken served on a tender paratha roti, and topped with roasted peppers & onions, mozzarella, greek yogurt and cilantro.

MaRS Discovery District is a not-for-profit corporation founded in Toronto in 2000. Its stated goal is to commercialize publicly funded medical research and other technologies with the help of local private enterprises and as such is a public-private partnership.
The Heritage Building (formerly a wing of the Toronto General Hospital),

Taken from University St. looking south, the Shangri La Hotel, CN Tower and Canada Life building. 

The bus terminal has been given a facelift.

 I happened upon this Henry Moore Three Way Piece #1 Points in the Northern Ontario building.

Dinner was chicken divan (had to use that broccoli) however, I made my own cream of chicken sauce rather than buy Campbell's. 

Wordless in Midland

I had an appointment in the Davisville and Yonge area, so I stopped to get a Presto card. John had gotten his yesterday.
PRESTO is an electronic payment system that eliminates the need for tickets, tokens, passes and cash. PRESTO works across local transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) and Ottawa, making paying for your trip simple, convenient and secure.

Since I was early and had read that there was a sculpture park in the area I set out to find it to little avail. I did find some pieces.

Like this bright orange something or other, I'm still researching it.

And peppers appeared on my hot pepper plant!

Dinner was chili and Greek salad.


I met a friend for lunch and she suggested Ninki in Scotiabank Tower.
It was perfect, I even told John I am taking him there soon!
We both had a bento box that was a huge value for the price. 

It began with also came with miso soup, which I don't care for. We also both selected the chicken and it was incredibly moist and crispy!

bento box A $15
shrimp, imitation crab, vegetable tempura, 3 dumplings, steamed rice & 6 pieces california roll AND choice of: chicken, salmon, beef or pork

My photo isn't great.

I met John and we had planned to go to the Distillery District but we waited and waited on a bus and decided to just stay downtown.

So we found some more brains in Brookfield Place and Bay Adelaide Centre.

Brookfield Place is absolutely stunning for photographs.

The Clarkson Gordon Building, also known as the Heritage Building, is a distinct part of the Brookfield Place complex. The property's fa├žade was disassembled stone-by-stone, restored and reconstructed in order to be incorporated as part of the Allen Lambert Galleria.

Downtown is packed with tourists. Caribana is on this weekend.
The National Bar Association was holding its national and its first international convention here.
And the National Bar Association was taking advantage of Caribana and hosting their own party on August 2nd at the Royal York Hotel.
The National Bar Association is the nation's oldest and largest national association of predominantly African-American lawyers, judges educators and law students.

From there we decided to have a drink in the Library Bar in the Royal York Hotel, always on our to-do list, now done.

This may become a regular stop as we only have to cross the street to get our bus home!

Dinner was leftover chili and salad.


The morning was spent cleaning and running errands, planning to go the the Distillery District (which we didn't get to yesterday) for lunch. Nope, the skies opened up.

And so the day continued, rainy. We decided to hop on the bus and go downtown for some groceries and a housewarming gift for a friend.
We wandered around the stores before coming back home.


I had started The Good Sister set in contemporary Mexico expecting an interesting read. I persevered but eventually gave up. I loved the descriptions of Mexico City and Mazatlan, places dear to my heart. Everyone raved about the book on Goodreads, but it just couldn't get to me.

I started The Torment of Others and am enjoying it as I have read a lot of Val Mc Dermid and have always enjoyed her books.


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  1. Thanks for the great shots of Toronto. Since I've never been there, I enjoy taking the journey with you vicariously. Happy Birthday and have a great week.

  2. ...Jackie, the visitors bureau should hire you!

    1. Come on up, Tom, I'll be glad to take you around!!

  3. I said luv, I said pet, I said luv, I have our Presto cards bought about June, 2016 in my wardrobe. We may get to use them again. How can you have not had them already?

    1. I know, I know, I know. I was waiting for a "certain" birthday to get the senior card, you have to show ID to get it loaded with the "mature student" rate. In the meantime, we just bought senior tickets, no questions asked.

  4. Beautiful buildings, murals, and FOOD. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  5. The big hit was the homemade cream of chicken for the chicken divan.I had the remaining sauce with my spaghetti and it was absolutely delicious. I am truly a tomato meat sauce spaghetti guy, however I would have this homemade sauce anytime. Hint! Hint!

  6. So many beautiful things to see on your blog! I always enjoy your photos and descriptions of food (you make me hungry!), and Toronto looks like it's a delightful and vibrant place to live. A visit there is on my list of places to see.
    My Saturday Snapshot post features waterfalls.

  7. I love seeing Toronto through your eyes. I love that book wallpaper and the Heritage Building. And those leopard print chairs! I've been wondering about The Good Sister ... I think I'll pass. Oh and the food! I'm going to give that chicken dish a try.

    1. Thanks, Beth! I really wanted to like The Good Sister and it had good reviews, but it just couldn't grab me.
      You must make your own chicken sauce, see John's comment above!

  8. I've seen that mural a couple of times on Instagram, but had no idea where it was. It's gorgeous!

  9. Interesting to see where Dickens travelled to

  10. Great collection of shots - my fav is the mural.

  11. I love the roti taco and the white books wallpaper.

  12. Yum! I love all the street food trucks at the moment.

  13. Belated happy birthday, Jackie! :) :) Glad you managed a sunny day. They're in short supply around here too.

  14. Happy Belated Birthday!! Thanks for sharing some great photos. That mural is amazing.

    1. I should first have my breakfast and AFTER that look at your post -you have the best meals on your weekly menu! Love the huge hall with the see through ceiling and the huge pillars - stunning! Love this mural, which is very well done (many mural look kind of "flat," but this one is a great 3-dimensional rendition! Many thanks for linking your week with All Seasons and have a lovely time this week.Now, I'm off to breakfast!!

  15. This is a year's worth of living for me, good food, good art, and the building that looks like it's split down the middle!

  16. You seem to have s much fun! Really making the most of your region, traveling, and enjoying such good food, too! I also love to get Bento box lunches in Asian restaurants - a little of everything for a great price!

    So, thank you SO much for all your wonderful ideas for a trip to Toronto, but my plans fell through. First our two college-aged sons decided they only had 2 days in August when they were both free. Then, my husband realized his passport expired 6 months ago!! sigh It still seems bizarre to me that we need a passport to visit Canada, having grown up so close to the border.

    So, we settled for a 2-day camping trip nearby. But my husband did send in his passport renewal form, so I still hope to put all your great tips to use!

    Thanks -


    Book By Book

  17. So much fun, and delicious food! This all looks just pefect :)

  18. It always amazes me just how much you guys cram into one week! Loving your snaps again this week Jackie. That swan sculpture is fantastic and I love the interior of the Oliver & Bonacini restaurant, I could just eat that steak and chips right now too!

    Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and hope to see you next week x


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