Friday, August 25, 2017

Do You Think?

August 2017 - Toronto ON

Last summer I had followed The TELUS Health Brain Project.

Toronto is gearing up for a second year of raising awareness with over 100 new one-of-a-kind brain creations by local and international artists with a focus on bolder designs in their medium of choice.

I have taken the descriptions from the Telus website.

Total by visit
Jogging Memories - Union Station   Total 9/9
Penny for your Thoughts - FCP        Total 5/5
Sony Centre for the Arts                   Total 1/1
Lost in Thought - City Hall               Total 15/24
Thoughtless - Yorkville                     Total 3/3
City Hall                                            Total 4       19/24
Give Some Thought to MaRS           Total 2/3
Brookfield                                          Total 3/4   Mansbridge not displayed
Bay-Adelaide Centre                         Total 2/3    Porter not displayed
A Sobering Thought Distillery          Total 9/10  Broadbent not displayed
Bird Brain Harbourfront                    Total 3/3
Gardiner                                             Total 3/3

2017 TOTAL TO DATE - 59 out of 81

Drake Hotel
Trinity Bellwoods
Yonge Eglinton
Bau-Xi Gallery
Vaughan 3 too far

Gardiner Museum

Beyond the Skull

A skull physically protects the brain. But there are many other factors that impact brain health such as eating right, exercise, managing stress, proper sleep and social interactions. These mini skulls that collectively create a single layer of protection symbolize all these other factors and serve as a reminder for the need to manage each of these factors to protect the brain beyond the skull.

The Pith and Nectar
Constructed from glazed ceramic and porcelain, The Pith and Nectar serves as a bittersweet meditation on the fleeting nature of time and memory. Like the human brain, clay is malleable with surprising plasticity. Soft, workable clay is capable of infinite amalgams and formations. After going through an alchemical transformation in the high temperatures of firing, ceramic remains fragile but endures —retaining every delicate impression.

Razzle Dazzle
Artist Julie Moon’s contribution to The Brain Project is a highly decorative piece which has an underlying theme relating to the movement and repetition of thought. Motifs and patterns draw from earlier art movements that attempted to visualize aspects of culture and technology.


  1. I think, once in a while.

  2. It's a great subject - limitless in possibilities:) Thanks for showing


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