Friday, August 11, 2017

Bird Brain

August 2017 - Toronto ON

Last summer I had followed The TELUS Health Brain Project.

Toronto is gearing up for a second year of raising awareness with over 100 new one-of-a-kind brain creations by local and international artists with a focus on bolder designs in their medium of choice.

I have taken the descriptions from the Telus website.

Total by visit
Jogging Memories - Union Station   Total 9/9
Penny for your Thoughts - FCP        Total 5/5
Sony Centre for the Arts                   Total 1/1
Lost in Thought - City Hall               Total 15/24
Thoughtless - Yorkville                     Total 3/3
City Hall                                            Total 4       19/24
Give Some Thought to MaRS           Total 2/3
Brookfield                                          Total 3/4   Mansbridge not displayed
Bay-Adelaide Centre                         Total 2/3    Porter not displayed
A Sobering Thought Distillery          Total 9/10  Broadbent not displayed
Bird Brain Harbourfront                    Total 3/3

2017 TOTAL TO DATE - 56 out of 81

Drake Hotel
Trinity Bellwoods
Yonge Eglinton
Bau-Xi Gallery
Vaughan 3 too far

These were displayed at Harbourfront.

Bird Brain
Which came first, the chicken or the idea?

Created by Uber5000, one of the most prolific graffiti artists in the city. He came to Toronto from Nova Scotia and has painted numerous pieces of colourful art on the walls in Graffiti Alley and the surrounding laneways, as well as in the Kensington Market.
Mural by Uber5000
The yellow bird is often featured in his work.

Artist Jessica Gorlicky is sending a message of positive mental health and awareness through this sculpture – in a fun but chaotic manner… how we process thoughts and feelings; how many what-ifs and choices. It’s never ending. Keeping a positive frame of mind and a healthy attitude can be daunting and it all stems from our thought processing; mentally/physically/emotionally, our surroundings somewhat define and influence is. How do you keep a healthy positive mental attitude? Gorlicky’s response: “I dance! I paint! I laugh!”

We Just Have To Follow Our Heart
When we were young, we read comic books and wanted to become the superheroes we read about. We set goals, we dreamt larger than life. Why did that change as we grew older? We have the ability to achieve anything we want in life – We Just Have To Follow Our Heart. This piece is a definition of that. When you Follow Your Heart, incredible things do happen.

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