Friday, January 1, 2016

Saturday Snapshot Los Cerritos

December 2015 - Mazatlan Mexico

We went to the beach at Cerritos on Thursday.
I wish someone would eat oysters with me, but no takers!

She sells seashells by the seashore.

Fish, fish and more fish.

Not sure what to make of these two. Waiting for their ship to come in?


YUM dinner!!

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  1. Great pictures! Look at all that fresh seafood!

  2. Nice Mazatlán, Mexico, pictures, Jackie. I think our ship stopped their for Puerto Vallarta but I'm not sure. Close anyway. I see one cat that is ready to get run over. I hope not. And yes, if you'll shuck the oysters I will help you eat them. I came via Teresa's Friday Hunt.

  3. Love the vivid colors in your photos. You really captured the goings-on at the beach. I want to be there!

  4. Wonderful atmosphere with tons of photo ops!

  5. Oh to be able to enjoy really fresh seafood. We don't have the opportunity to experience that in NE Wyoming. I would love to spend Christmas in Mexico or any warm place for that matter.

  6. Not to my taste, but that cat seems to like the smells.

  7. Nice shots, really like the wide variety of photos that paints a picture of the scene.


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