Sunday, January 10, 2016

Monday's Walk

December 2015 - Mazatlan Mexico

I can never get tired of walking around the historical centre of Mazatlan, located around Plazuela Machado. The plaza is the heart of Mazatlan's Historio Centro.

Built in the year 1837 under the auspices of a wealthy trader in silver cloth and pearls, Don Juan Nepomuceno Machado.

Pretty parking lot.

John wishing our favourite waiter Happy New Year at Beach Burger. It is much quieter during the day. At night the street is closed off and the restaurants have additional tables on the road.

There used to be a museum up here but this year there is a "fancy" restaurant called Casa 46.

Curbside dining.

My favourite street in the area Angels Flores.

A lovely gallery Gandarva.


  1. The area looks tremendously appealing!

  2. Love the balconies, the ceramics and the pastel colours. So much to like! Thanks a lot, Jackie :) Home soon?


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