Monday, January 4, 2016


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December 2015 - Mazatlan Mexico

Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo

This photo was taken at Le Mona a pizza restaurant in Mazatlan a couple of weeks ago.
This entire wall is decorated with bottles of tequila, Los Osuna. 
The 130-year-old Los Osuna tequila distillery today stands as the only surviving agave plantation, situated on the outskirts of the town of La Noria.

We visited the distillery in 2014.


  1. A song I'd completely forgotten about.

  2. How cool to visit a distillery!

  3. 100 bottles of tequila on the wall, 100 bottles of tequila...take one down, pass it around...99 bottles of tequila on the wall! :) Thanks for sharing at Song-ography!

  4. The Los Osuna tequila is really good. All you could drink for 25 pesos.


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