Saturday, January 16, 2016

Where We Are - San Miguel De Allende Mexico

January 2016 - San Miguel de Allende Mexico

We rented a house for January 13 to February 15 in SMA. However, based on some advice from friends we added two days to our stay in Guadalajara and are very glad that we did.

We will likely not stay in SMA until February 15 as we have tentatively decided rather than making side trips to Guanajuato and Leon we would leave earlier and then spend several nights in each on our way to Puerto Vallarta.  The original plan was to fly from Leon to Puerto Vallarta which entails a flight change in Mexico City. Now that we have tried bus travel here in Mexico and think it is the greatest way to travel we will bus it from Leon to Puerto Vallarta. We just have to decide whether we are going to spend more time in Guadalajara on our way to PV.

There are also several towns in the area that we will take day trips to visit.

So, back to the house...the owner is an artist and textile designer. From the outside you wouldn't think anything, a plain green metal fence with a door. But once you step inside there is a large courtyard and then a magnificent garden behind the house.

And a gardener and a maid each come in twice a week!

Will do more posts on the gardens and art.

Our room with nice cozy down comforter, needed at night. Also a couch and TV.

Upstairs bathroom.

Downstairs bathroom.


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