Friday, October 11, 2013

Sepia Saturday - Oct 12

Sepia Saturday

198 : It is 100 years since HMS Queen Elizabeth was launched at Portsmouth. Whilst this is not the Queen Elizabeth, it matters not, because in SS 198 we celebrate the start of something new. It might be a life, it might be a love, it might be a a new chicken coop or it might be a mighty ocean liner.

I'm going to go with a new life. My mother is holding one of my cousins, I'm guessing Gregory as she was his godmother, if I remember correctly. On the left is his mother, my mother's sister and the man is their father, my grandfather.
This is in Montreal October 1960 and the church was likely St. Roch as they lived in Park Extension.


  1. Everybody loves to take a turn holding the new baby.

  2. What a great photo. That baby looks such a precious and loved bundle and snug as a bug in a rug I might add :)

  3. A lovely choice of photograph for this week's theme.

  4. I loved having my daughter as a baby, all swaddled in blankets and cuddled against me. Now, I fondly remember those days and think to myself....that was enough! :-)

  5. I notice a family resemblance between your mother and father but your mother's sister doesn't resemble either of them. I know that's common in lots of families -- it's just something I notice.

    I love that time period when men and women both wore hats on a regular basis, and women wore gloves. Thanks for sharing this great photo.

  6. The second baby of the week for a new beginning. Presumably you can date this photo.

  7. I agree with Nancy - a resemblance between your mother and her father but obviously the sister takes after their mother.

  8. Lovely hat on the godmother (your mom). You should see what the woman who acted as my godmother that day on my own baptism wore as a sorry excuse for a hat. Still gives me a good chuckle!!


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