Monday, October 14, 2013

Our World Tuesday

Our World Tuesday Graphic

Our World Tuesday

October 2013 - Toronto ON

We went downtown on Saturday to buy me (well, hubby actually bought it for me as a belated birthday present I wouldn't let him buy for months until I gave in) a new camera lens, a multipurpose 18-250 mm. 
Once our purchase was completed we crossed Queen St. E to the church as there was a huge display called Garden Tower. It is located in the garden of the Metropolitan United Church at Queen and Church Sts until October 13. 
It is column of old and worn-out chairs, and is the work of Tadashi Kawamata. I'm not sure if the artist knows Toronto and this particular park, but it is a stomping ground  for our homeless population.

Hubby took these photos with the new lens.

It reads " as if each person who sat on these chairs left a piece of himself, the work evokes the beautiful and Utopian aspects of the myth of the Babel Tower: a humanity speaking with one voice and engaged with solidarity, in the building of a better future".


  1. This is a totally amazing tower, and your shots are great. This is one I would like to see up close and personal. genie

  2. Interesting bit os sculpture. I saw an exhibit by the Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei and he had something very similar but with stools.


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