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Song-ography - Oct 13

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Bruce Hornsby - Look Out Any Window

It doesn't matter where in the world we live, we want the same simple things, a decent job, a roof over our heads, food on the table and our families safe and sound. Too bad "the big boys" don't care.
These photos were taken in the US, Canada, China.

There's a man workin' in a field
See's the rain and it's burning
He's saying this can't be real
As he sees the color of the fields turning
Far away the men too busy getting rich to care
Close their eyes and let it all out into the air
Hoping nobody else would care

Driving through Pennsylvania 

Look out any window
Look out any open door
Look out any window
See what's going on in the world around you

There's a man working on a boat
Pulling lines from the water
Just trying to stay afloat
Filling the nets is getting harder
Far away they bend the rules so secretly
Close their eyes and let it all out into the sea
Hoping nobody else would see

Nova Scotian fisherman

Look out any window
Look out any open door
Look out any window
See what's going on in the air around you

Springhill Nova Scotia Minere' Memorial

Far away too many leaders let them get their way
Close their eyes and let it all out into the bay
Say they'll clear it up another day

Tiananmen Square China - also called Statue to the People, People's Statue, or Worker's Statue.

Look out any window
Look out any open door
Look out any window
See what's going on in the air around you

Look out, look out for the big boys
Telling you everything they're gonna do
Look out, look out for the fat cat builder man
Turning this into a wasteland
Look out, look out for the back room boys
That say the smoke is gonna blow away
Look out, look out for the men who say it's okay
Sitting in a building far away

More condos being built in downtown Toronto


  1. These photos, the song and the current state of America's congress and president is leaving me feel adrift from hope.

  2. Great photos from your travels. Such a gift to visit here and have a little window on the world! I'm going to be driving through Pennsylvania in two that shot got me excited. The song does talk about struggle - and you've shown that well.

  3. You have well illustrated the lyrics.

  4. WoW....eveything goes together so well. love all your images, but being from the shore, the boats are my favorite!!

  5. I like your responses to the song. I especially like the FV at the docks and seeing that sculpture. I'm guessing it's amazing to see all the detail in person.

  6. What a timely post and thoughts as far as those "Big Boys" are concerned! Poignant thoughts illustrated by beautiful photography. It's a perfect combo! Thanks for joining in on Song-ography.

  7. Wow -- the shot of China is amazing. You have perfect photos for this song. Positive and the negative. Great post.

  8. awesome collection of photos for this week !!

  9. I would totally pull my car over for the pumpkins! Lovely landscape!

  10. How well you captured the lyrics to the song! Well done!

  11. Great shots here and insightful words. So many thoughts running through my mind after reading these posts. I know the world has it's problems but there is still good in it. I hope people realize that as well.

  12. I knew you would come up with some great shots for this meme♫♪ Love them Song...:


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