Monday, October 21, 2013

Ultimate Road Trip - Northbound Recap

October 2013

Our journey home took a lot longer than the trip south. 

The initial trip southbound began November 26, 2012 and took four days to Sedona where we spent a week before heading to Las Vegas for two months.  

We then flew to Mazatlan Mexico from February 17, 2013 to March 5

We decided that we would make a few stopovers as we were in no rush to get back as the weather had not warmed up at home.

The homeward journey started in Sedona:
2 day stopover in Oklahoma City OK
3 day stopover in New Orleans LA
2 day stopover in Memphis TN
2 day stopover in Nashville TN

These are just some of the highlights. Click on the links for more details.

March 25 - Day 1 homeward bound

We left Sedona and spent the night in Santa Rosa New Mexico 469 miles or 739 km.

We stayed at the Hampton Inn and ordered pizza!!

Day 2 - Homeward Bound

427 miles or 687 km. Today we took our time and ended up getting to Oklahoma City later than we planned.

First we took a tour of Santa Rosa to check out the Route 66 buildings.

Then we made a stop at Russell's Truck Stop where this is an amazing museum.

Then we stopped in Amarillo TX for lunch.

Back on the road and a stop in Conway.

More driving across Texas.

Finally just outside Oklahoma City.

Since we lost an hour crossing into Texas and we arrived later than planned we phone our friend and made arrangements to meet tomorrow night instead.

Day 3 - Homeward Bound
The next morning was cold so we headed to the Cowboy Museum which is a great place to while away a few hours.

Then onto the National Memorial

On the morning of April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh parked a rental truck with explosives in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and at 9:02am, a massive explosion occurred which sheared the entire north side of the building, killing 168 people.

We spent the afternoon at Bricktown, a once abandoned old warehouse district, received a much needed facelift with the passing of MAPS (Metropolitan Area Projects) in 1993 when Oklahoma City took on a massive public facility enhancement project.

Day 4 - Homeward Bound
From: Oklahoma City, OK, USA To: Shreveport, LA, USA

We spent most of the day in the car driving towards Shreveport Louisiana, 640 km.

Day 5 - Homeward Bound New Orleans
From: Shreveport, LA, USA To: New Orleans, LA, USA

This morning we checked out Shreveport and then headed towards New Orleans (550 km) to spend Easter and hubby's birthday for a few days.

Day 6 - Homeward Bound New Orleans
The weather was perfect and we wandered around in the morning, St. Louis Square with all the artists and even a wedding. Later in the day we would see several New Orleans style wedding parades. 
In the afternoon we took a sight-seeing tour which included a visit to the Katrina stricken area.

Day 7 - Homeward Bound New Orleans Easter Sunday and Hubby's Birthday

Another gorgeous day meandering about the French Market, the entertainers in front of St. Louis Square and watching the Easter Parade.

Day 8 - Homeward Bound
From: New Orleans, LA, USA To: Memphis, TN, USA
Time to say au revoir to New Orleans and head to Memphis TN 636 km.

We stayed here for two nights.

Day 9 - Homeward Bound

We then headed out for Nashville for two nights 340 km.

From: Memphis, TN, USA To: Nashville, TN, USA

Day 10 - Homeward Bound

Nashville TN it was a little cooler than we were used to. Every pub and bar has entertainment playing all day long.

Day 11 - Homeward Bound

We awake in Mason Ohio and head towards Akron OH 339 km, we made several stops along the way, shopping and visiting the Football Hall of Fame.

From: Mason, OH, USA To: Akron, OH, USA

Day 12 - Homeward Bound
Since we were in Akron Ohio it was only a few hours to get home.


  1. Hi Jackie,
    That's an amazing road trip! The variety of things and places you'd seen was incredible. I enjoyed touring with you through your photos.

  2. What a great road trip! I can't even tell you how much my husband would love to go to the Football Hall of Fame!

  3. Wonderfull travel, greeting from Belgium

  4. I have see New orleans during festival jazz, with a group musiciens in Belgium, , just after remember of easter defilé in cty,a have received a blue rabbit peluche,see also few other place louisiana, remmenber also eat ostern everyday. Have a nicenew week, here a storm Wind aarived this night.


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