Friday, October 25, 2013

Weekly Top Shot

Weekly Top Shot

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October 2013 - Toronto ON

We went to Casa Loma this week for the first time! Crazy how you live in a city and never do the touristy things. It is much easier to do these things during the week now that neither of us work.

 First view
 Sir Henry Pellatt, the dreamer behind Toronto's famous landmark Casa Loma, was born to British parents in Kingston, Ontario on January 6, 1859. Ambitious from his youth, Sir Henry Pellatt left his studies at Upper Canada College when he was seventeen to pursue a career in commerce in the family business. By the age of 23, he became a full partner in his father's stock brokerage firm Pellatt and Pellatt. 
In 1911, armed with a fortune of $17 million, Sir Pellatt drew up plans with Canadian architect E.J. Lennox to build his dream castle. The land on which he planned to build had been given the name Casa Loma by its previous owner.

Casa Loma took three years and $3.5 million to build. Sir Henry Pellatt filled Casa Loma with artwork from Canada and around the world. Casa Loma stood as a monument to its creator - it surpassed any private home in North America. With soaring battlements and secret passageways, it paid homage to the castles and knights of days gone by.

Sneak peek inside

From the back terrace

Lots more photos to come!!


  1. Wonderful shots ~ glad you are enjoying 'playing tourist' right in your own back yard ~ happy weekend ~ carol,xx

  2. Impressive building! And this was built for a private home? Wow!

  3. BEautifully photographed! Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

  4. Wonderful castle...didn't know anything about it til now♫ My Top Shot:


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