Monday, May 23, 2022

Monday Mural

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May 2022 - Owen Sound ON

Another mural from our Georgian Bay road trip.

Watch this video featuring Emily May Rose painting the Koodo mural in Carney's Lane.

Koodo hired Emily May Rose to design and paint a mural in Owen Sound, Ontario. The company wanted to give back to the city as it has the highest concentration of Koodo users, they also held an unveiling event with local media where they handed out posters and stickers of the mural design. The mural was completed over five days with the help of Will Gaydos, Jason P, Cameron Chalmers, and Oriah Scott.


  1. ...I like murals with the name of a community on them.

  2. A very pleasant mural, and it's quite huge! Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Jackie

  3. Wonderful mural, and I enjoyed the video.

  4. Both murals are beautiful and colorful. I really, really like something I can look at for a long time and still find something new each time I view it.


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