Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tuesday Treasures

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May 2022 - Toronto ON

I had never noticed this plaque before.
Ukrainian National Federation –WestToronto Branch, 2397A Bloor Street West

From their website which also includes some interesting videos:
2021 marked the 80th anniversary of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – which unites Ukrainian organizations from coast to coast to coast of our great country. Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, supporters and generosity of our donors, the Ukrainian Canadian community today – more than 1.3 million of us – is stronger than ever and ready to lead us into a brighter future.

During Canada’s First National Internment Operations (1914-1920), thousands of men, women, and children were branded as “enemy aliens,” and subjected to state-sanctioned indignities, including internment, forced heavy labour, and disenfranchisement. Internees were subjected to such treatment not because of any wrong they had done, but only because of who they were, where they had come from. The majority of civilian internees were Ukrainians and other Europeans. Racist and anti-immigrant attitudes were common during the pre-war period. Together with wartime xenophobia and ignorance, these attitudes were largely responsible for the internment operations. Internees were held in 24 camps across the Dominion.

The Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union (Ukrainian: Cоюз Українськoгo Студентства Канади (CУСК), French: Union des Étudiants Ukrainiens Canadiens)—commonly known by its Ukrainian acronym in all three languages, SUSK—is a national student organization composed of Ukrainian Students Organizations (USOs) at post-secondary institutions across Canada.

To mark the 100th (2014) anniversary of Canada’s First National Internment Operations, SUSK called upon its member Ukrainian Students’ Organizations and all Ukrainian Canadian students to commemorate and raise awareness of these dark pages in Canada’s history. 
In addition, SUSK encouraged all Ukrainian Canadian students to support “CTO – The One Hundred Plaques across Canada initiative”, organized and led by the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Foundation (UCCLF). 100 commemorative plaques were unveiled across Canada. 


  1. ...there is strength in unity!

  2. It would not surprise me if that's included in a special exhibit underway at the History Museum.

  3. Interesting. Humans are so tribal, to the detriment of our neighbors and often to ourselves.

  4. Interesting plaque. It us sad how immigrants are often the fodder of mistrust, hate and mistreatment. It seems a worldwide human failure.


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