Saturday, May 28, 2022

Lost Coffee

May 2022 - Richmond St. Toronto

It was a long holiday weekend but the weather gods were not in the mood for it.
I spent some time cleaning on the balcony and arranging my plants to determine what else I need to fill in the blanks. 
Then horrendous thunderstorms ripped through Ontario leaving damage to homes, trees down and power outages. But worse it left eight people dead.
Uxbridge even had a tornado.

My BFF (Burlington) was texting me that it was the worst storm she'd even seen. I said I can see it approaching. John was down at the golf simulator.
We received weather warnings on our cells and the TV. I started prepping night lights, and cooked some eggs just in case.
It got really dark, the wind sounded strange and then poof it blew over us.

John's two usual golf courses, Remington and Burlington, both sent emails about power outages and damage.

Sunday was a dull, cold day. My cousin texted from their cottage that it was miserable.
We putted and got some laundry done and then just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.

Monday was Victoria Day (Queen Victoria's birthday May 24, 1819) AKA Two Four weekend, the first long weekend of the summer. 
Two Four is Canadian slang for a case of 24 beers (a popular beverage during the weekend).
Nothing was open and traffic was a mess around here, because the city decided to turn Lake Shore into a pedestrian/bike street. 

At 10:40 you can see the orange blockade on the rightish, just passed the shorter billboard.


The rest of the week just rolled on. John used the golf simulator and had physio. He also played golf again this week.
We went for burgers on Tuesday. 
We went back to the new butcher on Bloor West and got the best pork chops ever. We also picked up more steaks. We stopped at Sobey's for potting soil after we got a few more plants on Bloor.

Scotch delivery.

I went shopping at Winner's and found a pair of shoes to replace my trusty favourite Anne Taylors. 
John picked up sushi for lunch on Friday - sooooo good!

Saturday we finally had the dumplings. I also revised my steamed pork dumplings recipe.

Sunday Cornish hens, roasted potatoes. carrots, onions and tomatoes.

Monday John requested fish chowder. I still have to work on getting it thicker. I'm thinking about mashing some potatoes in it.

Tuesday salad eggs, beets, cheese since we had burgers for lunch.

Wednesday air fryer pork chops with colcannon.

Thursday chicken wings and fries.

Friday sirloin steak (from new butcher) bok choy, broccolini and onions.

I made black bean avocado brownies and I also updated the recipe. 
I hate to "waste" an egg for the egg white only in a recipe - here are 25 egg white substitutes.
I used aquafaba (water in which chickpeas or other pulses have been cooked, used as a substitute for egg whites, particularly in vegan cooking) for the first time. I mean I am draining the black beans anyway so why not use it? Brownies were excellent.
As I am writing this, John is reading that egg prices are going to skyrocket!


Wakefield is a psychological mystery revolving around the staff and patients who populate Ward C of a psychiatric hospital in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, centred on psychiatric nurse Nik. Wikipedia has a great list of the characters and their ailments.
We enjoyed this series and it reminded me of the saying "the inmates are running the asylum".

We also watched French Exit.


I'm on a reading binge of Catherine Ryan Howard and if I thought the other two books were great, The Nothing Man is impossible to put down!

I had a lot bit of a letdown with my next book(s). I read Blunt Force an early Jane Tennison. 
The Replacement Wife was a little boring and drawn out.

My Darling Husband was recommended by a blogger and it was available for a 7 day loan.


  1. That's awful about the bad weather - eight people dead! We have had some bad weather as well but not that bad.
    Please tell me about the Ann Taylor shows. I am always looking for a comfortable pair.
    Your meals look verry good.

    1. I loved my Ann Taylor shoes, I bought them at a factory outlet in the States.

  2. First, the books. Shoot, I had Replacement Wife on my list ... maybe I'll just delay it.

    Yikes on the storm. I grew up on the west end of Lake Erie and we got tornadoes almost ever summer --so scary. Glad it left you alone..

    That new butcher shop sounds like a fabulous find. Lucky you. I've heard of that aquafaba trick before, but never tried it. Good to know (1) it works and (2) it's not just chickpea liquid. Your new scotch looks good -- it's my non-cocktail whisky of choice.

  3. Sounds like your weather has moved our way. We had a really intense storm last night and cloudy and stormy this morning. I love hydrangeas of all colors. I have white ones, pink, and blue in my yard. I like a mystery but the psychological ones are too upsetting for me- so I'll probably pass on Wakefield. My Darling Husband sound good to me.

  4. Wow what a post. That storm was amazing. The food looks great as do the flowers.

  5. Lovely hydrangeas and yummy dumplings.

  6. I wonder if the prices at your new butcher are reasonable compared to where ever else you used to buy your meat. Meat has become quite expensive here and mostly due to the recent interstate floods, so have vegetables that are grown there, such as capsicum at $14 a kilo.
    I know we watched Wakefield but I can't remember anything about it, although the promotional poster at Wikipedia does remind of that character.

    1. His prices seem to be the going rate at a good place like the St. Lawrence Market.

  7. Cornish game hen, looks very good.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  8. That sounds like quite a storm. Glad you are all okay.

  9. I’m sorry to hear about the bad weather event. With 8 dead it must have been a bad storm. Your scotch delivery looks nice, although I remember I didn’t like the 15-year-old Glenfiddich when I tasted it. What’s the other bottle? I couldn’t read the label. I’m a whisky/whiskey geek, it’sbfun to explore all the different flavour compounds and how they are created.

    1. It is Glenfiddich Project XX Experimental Series.

  10. On our last trip to North Texas, we were driving into pitch-black clouds and suddenly all the tornado warning sirens went off on our phones. Not five minutes later we saw an RV park where a tornado had rolled through and turned over lots of campers and sheared off some of the pine trees. I'm sorry that your area has had a terrible storm there.

    Black bean avocado brownies? I'll have to think about that!

  11. I bookmarked the air fryer pork chops recipe and borrowed The Nothing Man from the library! Thank you!

    Ugh...I may need to renew my Showtime subscription to watch Wakefield. Not sure whether to thank you for mentioning that one or not. lol

  12. Thank you for your weekend coffee share. I add The Nothing Man to my TBR list.

  13. That was a hell of a storm so many of us had.


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