Saturday, May 7, 2022

Final Jeopardy

 UPDATE - MAY 6 2022


As Justin Trudeau tweeted:

Mattea Roach ended her “Jeopardy!” streak on Friday, winning 23 straight games and earning $560,983 (plus a $2000 consolation prize for her loss). She is among the show’s winningest regular-season players.

Toronto ON
We are loving watching our Canadian Mattea Roach crushing it on Jeopardy.
This girl rocks!!

The 23-year-old teacher, originally from Halifax, but now living in Toronto, is already the most successful Canadian in the show’s history. 

May 5 - and I am yelling at the TV! So nervous as Mattea was not in the lead for almost the first time!
Her face (and comments) say it all as she pulled off another win!
Under her correct answer she wrote "if this is it, thanks for the fun!". $560K so far.
Roach bet all but $1 of her $13,000 earnings and was correct, beating out the other contestants.
Throughout her tenure on the show, Roach has answered 92 per cent of questions correctly in regular play and 74 per cent of questions correctly during "Final Jeopardy!"

As of May 4, Mattea Roach breezed through her 22nd win on Jeopardy! by answering a clue Wednesday about American history on the same day she was given a special shout-out in the House of Commons.
Roach has now amassed $534,984 US, or approximately $681,484 Cdn.
She sure knows her American history!

The final clue was: "A Union soldiers' song said Gen. McClellan, who let a Confederate army escape after this battle, 'was too slow to beat 'em.'"
"What is Antietam?" both Roach and Sisson guessed correctly.
While Sisson doubled her winnings to $13,200 US with a make-it-or-break-it bet, Roach wagered $0.

She told Jeopardy! co-host Ken Jennings about the time she got to sing Never Gonna Give You Up alongside Rick Astley himself.

The night before we chuckled as we reached the final question.

Mattea entered Final Jeopardy with $24,600 after crushing the competition during the previous round with 17 correct answers and a strategic bet of $2,000 on a Daily Double.
Her competitors, Enver Casimir of California and Angela Kissner of Ohio, trailed behind with $9,800 and $600, respectively.
Even with a hefty lead, Roach, 23, must have been filled with even more confidence after hearing the final clue:
"'Terre de nos aïeux' follows the title in the French version of this anthem."
Before revealing Roach's correct answer of "O Canada," host Ken Jennings pointed out with a chuckle that Final Jeopardy clues are written weeks or months ahead of time and are randomly selected.
"So we never know when they're going to land," he said. "But I have to think Mattea might know some of the lyrics to O Canada."

There is a lot of Twitter controversy over her mannerisms, which I think are adorable. Some complain she talks too much, she's funny!


  1. I'm so glad she won last night again, since I missed seeing Jeopardy. I'm certainly a follower, or a fan, whatever the word would be. What a bright young woman, and I'm sure she will be moving into her winnings with some good ideas!

  2. It been ages since I watched Jeopardy.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. She sounds like an intelligent lady, weirdly enough Jeopardy hasn't really become popular here until the last couple of y ears.

  4. I haven't watched it in years, but certainly have been aware of her streak.


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